Another Publisher Reshoots after 1.0 Firmware

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Another Publisher Reshoots after 1.0 Firmware

Gordon Laing over at Cameralabs reshot his review sample images after hearing from me and a couple others from this forum about there being a big diffeance with the 1.0 firmware.

The majority of the new image set were inside a church at various ISOs. He did the set again with firmware 0.2 and then without removing the camera from the tripod updated it from the SD card before shooting the same images with firmware 1.0. And he then did the series again with firmware 1.0. After that he reshot some marina, bar etc, images roughly matching his earlier 0.2 series.

Here is the image series. And below the link you will see my opinion after examining them.

"I downloaded all the images, both 0.2 & 1.0. I viewed every 1.0 & .02 sample side by side in Faststone Image Viewer.

And I am also surprised I found no difference. What minute things I saw could be credited to a passing cloud or perhaps a soul coming back for just one more sermon.

I would think the lack of difference between your samples and others is likely due to one of the following or a combination of them.

Their studio artificial lighting vs your natural light.
Their emphasis on fine detail vs your on greater.
Their particular camera unit being different than yours.

I would bet mostly artificial vs natural light. Which in my particular case will be more crucial. While I would be in the minority.

It certainly speaks volumes about your journalistic tenacity that you went the whole nine yards re-shooting so much.

This is much appreciated by me."

Also he also confirmed for me the DMC-FZ150 does work with other branded microphone in the Panasonic hybrid mic/remote jack after attaching a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter and will be uploading a video in the next day. He is using Rode mics.


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