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Apart from removing a few dust specks no PP at all.

Ilford Tri-X 400

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Noir

I love this image. Surprising that after 4 hrs, nobody has responded.


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Re: Noir

Dear aschfaque,

the film is really interisting in your hand !

Very unusuel image, but i love it . there is something magic in....

My Best .


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Re: Noir

Hi Ashfaq,

A very nicely composed shot of a very unusual photo. I like it very much!

More and more people (including myself) are showing interest in films. I wonder if DPR should open a forum for film?!


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OP ashfaque Regular Member • Posts: 460
Peter, Hughes and Louis

Peter, Hughes and Louis: Thank you for your kind words. Glad that you liked it. Whilst framing I realised that I have a wonderful opportunity to shoot something quite different than my usual stuffs (wide shots of sky, trees etc). I think Tri-X adds some magic of dark 'grainy' black as well.

Hughes: This is the 1st time I've used film camera in the last 14+ years. Amazing how little sounds MP makes.

Louis: I agree with you. The cost of digital RF also is a major factor. I hope one day I'll be able to develop film on my own. It cost me 10 pounds to develop just 2 roles!

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