FT3 / TS3 - the good, the bad and the foggy

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FT3 / TS3 - the good, the bad and the foggy

For a couple of years I'be been using the excellent Canon D10 for snorkelling, ever since it came top in the DP Review test of tough cameras. I've been very pleased with it in every way except for three factors; it's a bit bulky for a compact, the video performance is poor and there is a very limited zoom range.

So I bought a Lumix FT3/ TS3 for my latest snorkelling trip, 3 weeks on the Greek island of Paxos. The lens has a 5 times zoom, it shoots HD video and it's very small.

The good news is that the video performance is excellent. For stills it is a bit of a mixed bag. I don't think it has the resolving power of the D10 but it does have lower distortion especially at the ends of the zoom range and I think lower chromatic aberation too.

It didn't let in water either - but here the good news ends. The real problem is that the lens and viewfinder mist up at the slightest provocation. Just a small change in temperature is enough to make the lens fog over and as the manual says, it can take up to 2 hours to clear! Now I do understand that if the air in the camer is a little moist and you carry it in a hot climate and then get into cooler water this sort of thing is alwasy a risk, but 2 years ago I took the Canon D10 to the same location at the same time of year and it only misted up once. The FT3 misted up every single time I wanted to use it - sometimes even when it had not been in the sea at all! For example, one day we hired a small motor boat and drove around the island, the camera kept misting up for no apparent reason all day long. I tried leaving it for a few hours in a dry place with the door open and the battery out but it didn't seem to make any difference. I missed so many "once in a lifetime" shots due to a fogged up lens I'm seriously considering selling it and buying another D10, having sold the old one to go towards the cost of the FT3.

I suspect the problem is at least in part explained by the small size of the FT3 - very little thermal mass so if the temperature of the environment changes, the camera optics change temperature very fast. Whatever the cause it's a great shame, you can't get a decent shot through a fogged up lens however good it might be!
Rupert Brun

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Re: FT3 / TS3 - the good, the bad and the foggy

bad copy? mine was doing just fine...


cheers, Mark

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Franz Kerschbaum Regular Member • Posts: 317
Re: FT3 / TS3 - the good, the bad and the foggy

Hi! I think the secret is really where you open the door and let air exchange. I change battery and card only in air conditioned environment that is automatically quite dry and cool which guarantees very low absolute water content of the air. To open at a sunny place seems logical to dry it but there the absolute water content is typically higher and when the temperature drops submerged the dew point is reached and you have your condensation. So again. Open it only in a cool and dry (i.e. AC) enviroment and you will enjoy it...

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Re: FT3 / TS3 - the good, the bad and the foggy

i just sold my Lumix TS3 ( I purchased it when it first came out). I have used it on numerous beach vacations and also found the lens to frequently fog up and taking more than a few minutes to clear and therefore missing many photo ops. Also would find droplets of water along the seals of the inside of the battery/SD door even after checking prior to using that the seals were clean of debris and the door lock switch was on. This fogging occurred even without even entering the water on beach vacations. I just sold the camera and am on another search for a new waterproof camera.Just a note: I would only open the battery door when inside(air conditioned)

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