Awesome NX200 Mock-up.

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redcrow Forum Member • Posts: 91
Awesome NX200 Mock-up.

I got a message that one guy made a NX200 mock-up based on my comments and posted the pictures.

He did great job and the black mock-up looks almost same with NX200, although the size and details are different. But, you can get exact NX200 design cue and look and feel from it.

Good job... good job, indeed.

starwolfy Senior Member • Posts: 1,318
Re: Awesome NX200 Mock-up.

wow...that rocks!!!! lol

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tkpenalty Regular Member • Posts: 451
Re: Awesome NX200 Mock-up.

Quite a novel way to get around a NDA....

Here I am wondering why samsung didn't use the NV series aesthetic in the first place; it was sexy.

nekramp Regular Member • Posts: 121
Re: Awesome NX200 Mock-up.

That looks very compact! He should put an NX100 beside it to compare.

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sensibill Veteran Member • Posts: 5,402
Looks like this (pic)

Looks pretty good. It's similar to these (prototypes?) seen in the background of the Samsung promo video from a while back:

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Alexramos Senior Member • Posts: 1,597
Re: Looks like this (pic)

A pancake lover´s camera...
I just hope the camera be no to small.

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