Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Well....

Phil Hill wrote:

Petruska wrote:

plus the R3000 has smaller nozzles.

Is this confirmed by Epson? I know that the smallest of the three droplet sizes is smaller than the smallest on the R2880, but I've not seen anything indicating that Epson made the nozzles smaller. If they did, it doesn't seem to have led to clogging on my R3000.

Like you, i would not assume that the R3000 has smaller nozzles than the R2880 unless someone finds it in Epson print somewhere.  Droplet size may be affected by the charges they send to the piezo chip, but i don't know enough about it.

The proof is in the use regards clogging.  I've had my 3000 since Nov 2012, and have not had any cloggiing problems, except once.  I specified the wrong paper sheet size and a resulting 3 paper jam resulted in headstrikes and apparently made an ink mess on the bottom of the print head.  After i did the bounty towel/windex cleaning of the print head, no clogging has been experienced even though i often don't print for a week.  Good printer overall i think.

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Re: 2880 feeding and denting paper problem, new printer recomendation?

I have had my 2880 for 4 years, and have really loved it..until now. It will spit the paper out over and over (making a dent in the middle in the same place each time) UNTIL suddenly it feeds correctly and prints. This gets expensive with my 13 x 19inch watercolor paper prints.

I tried cleaning, but maybe should try more deeply? The same thing happened to my 1280 a few years ago. I took that one to a repair place near Berkeley, CA and they replaced a few parts and it worked for another 2 years before having the same issue again.

I have used Epson for over 20 years and love the prints, especially since I teach painting on photos and the watercolor look is outstanding. I am looking to buy another printer, and this time might change companies. Any suggestions?


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