Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

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petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

After seeing samples of SD1 ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/hcb01147/5820209535/in/photostream/ and others) I want to remind everyone to great qualities of previous Foveon. It was 4,6 mpx and it was enough for me and for Sigma lenses. All I really needed from my SD14 was better performance in low light and higher usable ISO. Than maybe more speed. With SD1 Sigma has lost.
Viva the last balanced Foveon!

CHEBB Senior Member • Posts: 2,370
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow - I like 'em! Thank you for the reminder!

glacerda Regular Member • Posts: 484
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Realy nice photos... The colour, the details, etc... I also have a SD14... yours must be of a better batch!

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Gonçalo Lacerda-Machado
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baran Regular Member • Posts: 193
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

some great images. Who cares about pixels?

OP petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Sigma unfortunately does...

Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 4,131
Thank you.........

very nice photographs (as opposed to snapshots)

wish they "all" had exif data attached........

Best, Mike

Xon_Fedaa Regular Member • Posts: 348
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Totally enjoy your beautiful Sigma photos.

If you've printed some of them, what would you say is the largest you can print and retain that special Foveon look?

Thanks for sharing.


Digital Coast Image Contributing Member • Posts: 783
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)


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OP petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

The most important aspect of Foveon is rich tonality and natural contrast. It´s not digitally stretched.

A2 format is perfect, if you use double size export from SPP. Maybe even A1 or bigger, but I didn´t try it. Depends on lens quality and good exposure for smooth tonality. Postproduction can also make a lot (especially gentle noise reduction and sharpening).

Tom Schum
Tom Schum Veteran Member • Posts: 7,175
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Beautiful stuff! Anything with that sensor really can produce stunning photographs and we see them here on this forum every day. The more the better!
Tom Schum

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Paul Petersen
Paul Petersen Senior Member • Posts: 1,290
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Great collection from a classic camera.
Please see my FW Stockyard expedition with SPP5.
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Nancy and Pete Spader Senior Member • Posts: 2,050

range of subjects. Great shots! Thanks for sharing. Nancy and I have been enjoying our SD14 for some time now.

Pete and Nancy

OP petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

nice, feeling atmosphere of sunny day:)

DPortier Contributing Member • Posts: 604
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

That first one is outstanding! Perfect timing, strong composition.



larryj Forum Pro • Posts: 10,075
Re: Homage to old Foveon magic (SD14)

Awesome collection of photos Petr: Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your beautiful images. The portrait of the flamingo is startlingly sharp, a real wow.

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