HowTo? Reset false negative paper jam on Canon MX850 All-in-one?

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HowTo? Reset false negative paper jam on Canon MX850 All-in-one?


My out-of-warranty Canon MX850 All-in-one is locked up with a bogus report of Error: Paper Jam. I haven’t figured out how to reset the error. Is this possible to do this?

More info:
I think the following is the sequence of events, but I am not completely sure:

  • I had plain paper in the cassette lower tray, and no paper in the rear tray.

  • The “Feed Switch” was set to “Rear tray”.

  • The MX850 wasn’t connected to a computer, but was in standalone mode.

  • I used the front panel LCD to have a nozzle check done.

  • The MX850 complained about no paper in the rear tray. I pressed the “Feed Switch” to change it to “Lower Cassette tray”.

  • Shortly afterwards, I got the error message on the LCD:

Rear Cover
The paper is jammed.
Clear the paper and
press OK.

  • There was no error code, just the above text.

  • At this point, the MX850 was locked up. I fiddled with it for over an hour trying everything I could think off (turning on and off, power cord removed, tanks and print-head out, etc). It always comes back to the above Error message. When I press “OK”, it goes to “Processing” for about 30 seconds, and then beeps and returns to the Error message. I’d guess I’ve seen that error show up 20+ times. Infuriating.

  • I don’t think it ever attempted to get paper from the cassette, but instead has managed to get into some “state of insanity” from which I have been unable to clear.

  • I have looked throughout the printer and found no paper. I believe I followed all the instructions in the MX850 series On-screen Manual for Paper Jams. This includes setting the printer on its side, removing the cassette, and looking for paper.

  • My speculation is that the sequence of things I did put it into a “state of insanity”. It is also possible that some paper jam sensor is jammed, or thinks it is jammed.

  • I sent a question to Canon tech support to ask how to resolve, and their response was “needs service”.

Canon > Regrettably, it appears the unit will need to be serviced.

If the unit was purchased within a one-year period, you qualify for a Warranty Exchange ..... otherwise, take it to an Authorized Service Facility.

  • I was able to get the MX850 to Service Mode, and then with some trial-and-error, got it to Idle mode. The Alarm light is on. When I press the Reset button, it Processes for about 30 seconds, and then the Alarm light comes back on.

  • I am unable to get the Feed Switch to "rear tray". It is stuck on "lower cassette tray".

  • On an older ip4000, I believe there is a way to get the printer reset to "from factory" settings. Is there a way to do this on the MX850?

  • If I have a sheet of plain paper in the rear tray in "Service Mode" and press the Reset button, it will pull that sheet through the printer. This doesn't happen if I have a sheet of paper in the bottom cassette.


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Re: HowTo? Reset false negative paper jam on Canon MX850 All-in-one?

You might consider a "hard reset" of the machine. I don't think Canon makes this process readily available in their documentation. I searched a bit for "hard reset canon printer" and found this:

You may have to look around a bit for another method if the above does not work.

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