Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

Damovich wrote:

Hi kaktus,

Another interesting lens for portraits is the Pentacon 50mm f1.8 as its very cheap and has a lot of quality, for instance it has enough sharpness wide open, atleast mine has. These lenses can be bought reasonably cheap on the bay but make sure to get one with working aperture blades cause these lenses can be prone to sticky blades.

Hello and thanks for your post, but this lens seems nearly as big as my Rokkor 50 1.4 lens. I was really looking for a cheap tiny lens going on a cheap tiny adapter

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

I see, well, scroll a little down the page to find very interesting samples, enjoy!


It is blocking the url to an archive of such lenses + samples, I'm sorry man.

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

Damovich wrote:

It is blocking the url to an archive of such lenses + samples, I'm sorry man.

Maybe you can try by sending me a private message

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jupiter 8 50 sample


infinity is always a very hard sharpness test, esp when you get out past a mile, like this.

My focus probably could have been better, but the main issue is the corners. Dead center it's totally fine. But the corners never really do come in--for me anyway.

Hence it is not a great landscape lens

But for people or any shot with the eye in the center, it's pretty good---when you combine the performance with the super light weight and small size---well

I don't know of ANY 50 under 140 grams which is better.

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

If compact is a requirement, get an Industar 69. It is about a third the size of a Jupiter 88 or the Helios 44. You do need to mod it a bit since the registration distance is about 2mm shorter than the NEX. You can either lathe down the M39 adapter or modify the lens so you can focus it to reach infinity. Many people file down the lens since it's easier. I haven't done that to mine yet so. Even so, it outshines my Jupiter 8.

I'd post a link here, but dpreview censors out other photography sites. Weak. Google "industar 69" and you'll find info about it.

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50mm lenses under 140 grams.

The first version of the Nikon Series E 50mm F1.8 lens was 135 grams, the one with a real narrow focusing grip. Bet it's quite sharp stopped down some. Not multicoated

The Hexanon 40mm F1.8 is 130 grams, guess it's not a 50mm, and you do have to correct the lateral color and only use it at F4-F5.6 or smaller if you're searching for that last bit of perfection.

Am looking at a last-model Pentax-M 50mm F2 lens, weighs 138 grams. Can't bring myself to say that this truly mediocre optic is as good as the Hexanon, but it might be better than the lenses you were talking about at some apertures.

The Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II lens weighs 130 grams, if you can figure some way to set the aperture on the thing. There are some fab 50mm F2.8-F4.5 enlarger lenses out there, weighing 65-90 grams, if you can figure out some way to focus them.

There's many superb (2 stops down) 50mm F2.8-F4.5 enlarging lenses out there, if you can put them together with a 110 gram helical focuser. The lenses tend to weigh between 65 and 100 grams. Most not multicoated except for Apo lenses, Fujinon EX, and last model EL-Nikkors.

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Re: newer J8s not bad.

Try the J-3 really.
I have one on my Sony A7R
Absolutely awesome - and so compact
Results are very Good at 1.5.
At 2.0 it is just as good as my Summicron M (from the sixties)
I use the J-3 becaise of its characteristic bokeh (swirly) that gives it a distinct character in some situations versus the summicron (when there are highlights in the background).
Try to buy the J-3 or J-8 directly from an Ukrainian on ebay that has a very good track record - and buy only a version without any important default (no oil, fungus, bump...).

I have a Helios44 M39 as well.
I put on it a 39-42 screw adaptation as mentioned in other posts, but there is still a 1mm difference on the flange distance, so that I can focus up to 7 meters, but not to infinity... OK for portraits, but I would not advise you trying that of course!
By the way, because of the M42 adaptor, the Helios+adapter is huge, while the Jupiter 3 + M39 adaptor is very small an extremely elegant on the Sony.

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