30-35% Under MSRP... No surprise

Started May 26, 2011 | Discussions
Sigma Nick Forum Member • Posts: 95
30-35% Under MSRP... No surprise

If you look at any of Sigma's products with a little math you can see that the "Street Price" is always 30-35% less than MSRP. The Street Price is still ludicrous, and not in budget for most current Sigma system users.... not even close.

Still For that price it better be in a kit with 10mm f/2.8, 30mm f1.4, 50mm f/1.4 85mm f/1.4 150mm f/2.8 OS a battery grip, and a EF DG 610 Super Flash They could call it the PRIME SD1 KIT. Then and only then it may be worth it.

Peiasdf Regular Member • Posts: 297
Re: 30-35% Under MSRP... No surprise

That's a 30~35% price drop before hitting the street. At this rate I can pick up a SD1 for $300 next Christmas.

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