X100 F4.0 sharper than F8.0?

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whlcalifornia New Member • Posts: 18
X100 F4.0 sharper than F8.0?

Maybe it's my user error but I find F4 renders a sharper image than F8, which is a little counter-intuitive, unless F8 is the diffraction limit for X100.
Anyone else out there feel the same way about their X100?

millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
Depends on the scene

Sometimes shooting with a shallower DOF gives an image more apparent sharpness than where more is in focus

I do believe f4 is the peak sharpness of the lens, but I've never found F8 lacking at all. Diffraction probably sets in pretty strong by F16 given sensor size

I wouldn't hesitate using F8 for landscapes etc though. I'd rather have the DOF that every last line/mm resolution at f4 and not have everythign I want in focus

lnbolch Senior Member • Posts: 2,314
Re: Depends on the scene

If you would check out a bunch of lens tests—here or on Photozone.de—you will see that the sweet spot for most lenses in the f/1.8-2.0 range tends to be around f/4.0-5.6 and down just a tad by f/8.0. Your mileage may vary a bit from lens to lens.

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OP whlcalifornia New Member • Posts: 18
Re: Depends on the scene

Thank you, millsart and lnbolch. Your replies perfectly explained what I'm seeing in my X100. Its sweet spot is indeed F4~F5.6. F8 is only slightly worse but still very good.

rami Contributing Member • Posts: 744
Re: X100 F4.0 sharper than F8.0?

Also you should expect more motion blur at F8 as the shutter opens for longer

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