Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

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Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?
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Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

WOW..! nice finding..! I don't have a clue about the performance...waiting for a review of this lens.

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Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

At that price I would rather just get a Lensbaby or a cheap Kippon adapter ($150) and use my own lens.

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Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

Lng0004 wrote:

At that price I would rather just get a Lensbaby or a cheap Kippon adapter ($150) and use my own lens.

I'll second that. I bought an ordinary Arsat 20/2.8 in M42 mount back in 2003 or so when I had a Sigma SD9 (x1.7 crop) and it was an awful lens, with horrendous distortion and massive CA to boot; it was unusable unless stopped down to at least f/8. I think I paid about £80 for it from the Ukraine and sold it at a slight loss, it was worth far less.

I can't say that this (expensive) new tilt/shift version has the same optics but it certainly looks like it has - it looks just like the one I had but with a shift/tilt E-mount added on the rear instead of an adapter tube.

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John Bean [GMT+1 aka BST]

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heynowtest Regular Member • Posts: 399
Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

this provides shift which the lensbaby or kipon doesn't provide.

uhoh07 Senior Member • Posts: 1,580
Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

From what I can glean,

The standard arsat 20 is a cheap wide-angle which does not do great work, but is OK from about f/5.6 on.

However the Hartblei versions are often quite a bit better apparently.

That setup lists for 485 new on the hartblei site, I think.

I would guess it could be sold used for 350 in a heartbeat.

The lensbaby does not really compare--but if you go that route the Kipon tilt adapter for nikon F is only 100USD.

Hartbeli also makes this setup in an 80mm--which aparently is pretty good.

Prices have gone way up for these in the past 5 years, if I'm not mistaken

Here is my nikkor 28 PC w/kipon tilt:

That rig is worth about 450

google "Mirex Tilt Shift Adapter" for another interesting option. This seems to be an adpater to use/ tilt/ shift medium format lenses on an alpha mount--which means it could also go on the nex.

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OP Dennis Forum Pro • Posts: 20,283
Re: Arsat 20mm tilt/shift for NEX ?

I like your setup. How do you find the 28mm for PC work ? What do you shoot with it ? There were a couple old 24mm PC lenses (Canon & Oly) but they seem rare & expensive. The appeal of the Arsat is the 20mm WA. The Mirex option is very expensive (400 Euro ?) and I don't imagine ultrawides for medium format are easy to come by. I saw that Pete Ganzel adapted a Minolta 20mm to it, which is an interesting option ... but if I'm interpreting the gear & prices correctly off the Mirex site, it would be at least $600 in adapters plus the 20mm lens. And I don't know how that works WRT aperture control ... I don't know other 35mm lenses can be adapted to the Mirex MF mounts.

I wonder why Sigma hasn't seen fit to do a couple of tilt/shift lenses yet.

  • Dennis

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RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
Hartblei lenses are Zeiss optics
waldo posth New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Hartblei lenses are Zeiss optics

The ARSAT F2,8/20mm T-S for Nex is - as it seems - based on an older Nikon wide angle design (there is a Flickr group dedicated to the ARSAT 20mm without T-S mechanism, a lens which obviously has been on the market for years). I have been using the lens now for about a month or so with mixed results. I did not except the lens to work flawlessly but what really bothers me is the combination of barrel and pincushion distortion from mid-shift on. I have really trouble to correct this in PS (any ideas?). So most troublesome is taking photos from what architectural photography calls "cavalier perspective" - you stand in front of a high building and you try to correct the vertical lines. Up to mid-shift position the lens is quite usable. It is not very sharp, but from F8 on it is, again, usable. Below are some links to photos I took with the lens (and additional comments) on Flickr.

It is a shame that in years none of the major lens producers has come up with a T-S design that is dedicated to APS-C (or M43) sensor sizes (you could, of course, be serious, go full format and buy a Nikon 24mm T-S or even a Canon 17mm T-S lens - out of range for me!)! Seen from this perspective the ARSAT is a first - but hopefully not the last!

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