Best "old" inexpensive Lenses?

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Re: In order to get good shots handheld....

:-)Old Pirate wrote:

you need your shutter speed to exceed the mm of the lens.

In other need to take photos with that 135 at shutter speeds above 1/135. On a tripod it makes no difference, but being handheld and no form of stabilization this works.

Someone passed this tidbit of information on to me some time back and it has been valuable advice.

"This info is intended for full frame, with the 1.5 crop factor, it is best to add the 1.5 factor to the speed also.  So, best to use a minimum of 1.5 x 135 = 202.5 or just 200s or 250s depending on what is available as the speed in the camera."

The 135 2.8 Rokkor is capable of some really good shots. I have a few in my gallery on here of grandchildren, but I've done plenty more and some are truly good.

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