One Camera to Rule them All

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Common misconception

a camera never rules
The photographer does!

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Re: A DP using the SD1 sensor rules them all

maple wrote:

i.e., one with zoom or interchangeable lens and built in VF. Just think about it, MF IQ so handy.

Another possibility is to design a lens with fixed rear elements which stay on the camera, and interchangeable front elements. This keeps the cost down, and avoids dust problems.

There have been a few cameras like this in the past.

maple Veteran Member • Posts: 3,186
Re: A DP using the SD1 sensor rules them all

That may place additional constraints on the design of system lenses as they all have to share the same rear element. And it would exclude the use of non proprietary lenses via adapters.

What I fancy is the imaging capability of (almost) MF in a form as compact and light as possible (almost) without compromising on IQ.

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Re: A DP using the SD1 sensor rules them all

SD1 is out?? well, it is about time, we all waited for so long........I hv so much fun with my SD15 i forgot about the SD1 fever.....perhaps the temperature is rising again!

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