Picture IQ with HX9V/using PS3 (Mini Review)

Started Apr 23, 2011 | Discussions
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Picture IQ with HX9V/using PS3 (Mini Review)

We, after spending time with the 9V, it is not a difference when it comes to picture quality over the 5V. But the video and sound is a lot better. Today I decided to view the pictures on the PS3 and noticed how much a difference in quality compared while looking on my Mac. It is a lot sharper and the colors come out pretty nice. But when viewing on my mac, bland.

I think it comes down to preference of the user for the 9V . For me, it would work out great since I travel a lot and need a more versatile point and shoot camera. It has the wide angle, and zoom with HD video and Panoramic. It is a perfect travel camera.

I also own the 5D Mark II and I dont like carrying that thing around on my vacations.

I own the s95 and it takes great pics, but its not wide enough and not a long zoom and the video is very limited. No zoom or auto focusing during video recording.

I want a camera that I can insert on the big screen and show friends and family. So for me, it is perfect especially finding out it looks a lot better viewing through the PS3. Guess they got the calibration down. I also like the new HR panoramics and the ability to record 60p HD and viewing it on the PS3 uncompressed is great; the improved audio is a huge plus. I even heard a fly on it while it flew by me!

But if you are looking for image quality and very serious about how your pictures look, this is not the camera for you.

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