Mello Digital reputable?

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Dave Grimmel
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Mello Digital reputable?

Anyone ever order from this site? Seems like a good price on an original Nikon EN-EL3e battery. $24.99

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Joel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,963
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

They aren't part of reseller ratings but there were two reviews.

Dave Grimmel wrote:

Anyone ever order from this site? Seems like a good price on an original Nikon EN-EL3e battery. $24.99

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hayabob New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Rip Off

Do NOT order from

I ordered from because of great listed price. They called the next day to say they were out of stock but had another excellent brand for $30 off list. I was foolish and did not check them out. Paid 5x the going rate for what turned out to be a cheap model from China that reviews said did not work. When I asked for a return they refused saying no returns on chargers.

When I checked reviews online, several people had the same experience. They call the next day to say the brand name is out of stock then sell you an off brand that is super expensive or does not work. Hope this saves you from making the same dumb mistake I made.

Wait for the real deal from B&H.

PlayFair New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Mello digital is NOT REPUTABLE from my point of view.

I ordered a SONY digital battery and immediately received a phone call claiming that the 'battery was on national backorder' and would I like a high capacity battery instead for more money. I agreed expecting a SONY.

The battery that was sent was NOT A SONY, but a Chinese import.

I contacted Mello Digital requested an RMA and shipped the battery back, package unopened.

Mello Digital received the returned battery on Aug 9th, and claims it takes 5 days to credit my account. Credit has yet to be applied to my VISA.

Not only was I a victim of 'bait and switch', but they still have my money.

Tony 9/2/2011

D2hunert New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Absolutely not. I ordered a Nikon batt then was given a call saying it was out of stock but I could have a "better" one for a little more. After saying yes I read their reputation on various sites and this bait and switch game is rampant with this company. They say it's the "reputation fixer" people posting complaints but believe me they are scum. I refused delivery on their battery and requested a charge back. They sent me an email saying I would have a credit to my CC account within 3 days. It's been way over and it isn't there.

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How to check a website

A legitimate business will have these characteristics :

  • The website will give a registered business address under the contact page and possibly the about us page. If they don't tell you where they are then why would you trust them.

  • Generally legitimate businesses publish tax and/or business registration numbers. No publishing this information suggests they are not a registered business.

  • If you have access to a network tool called "whois" you can lookup domain registration details. Legitimate businesses do not hide their registration behind anonymous domain registration services. There are website that provide whois services.

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TFergus Veteran Member • Posts: 6,188
Re: Mello Digital reputable?


Geez oh pete... almost answered a 7 month old question...


sam_siciliano Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Just to update this thread, these guys are classic bait and switch frauds.  I skimmed the Internet, saw there might be a problem, but ordered a Sony flashed for $250 priced $100 below anyone else.  Sure enough, although their website showed it as new and in stock, they called the next day to tell me it was not available.  Many others have explained how they then try to sell you some thing else, but I did want to hear their pitch.  I left a couple bad reviews out on the Web.  If you google their name and complaints, you'll get an earful.  Don't waste your time trying to do business with these people.  They've been doing this for sometime, and I wish someone could just shut them down.

sam_siciliano Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Oh, and by the way, says that may just be another manifestation of the same business.  They have the same low prices and bait and switch tactics.

usjbh New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Thanks for the heads up on this one. Based on the comments here I ordered from Adorama which had the same battery for $39.95 with free shipping and no sales tax. I bought my last Canon camera as well as many accessories online from Adorama since then and never experienced any problems, so for a few more $ I'll go with a reputable dealer.

calson Forum Pro • Posts: 10,717
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

What is your time worth? If I buy a battery from B&H or Adorama I know I will get a genuine Nikon battery. I will also almost always save $5 in shipping charges. Why would I fool around with anyone else for an item like this or rather, why would you?

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MOD Mako2011 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,581
1.5 years +

calson wrote:

What is your time worth? If I buy a battery from B&H or Adorama I know I will get a genuine Nikon battery. I will also almost always save $5 in shipping charges. Why would I fool around with anyone else for an item like this or rather, why would you?

OP hasn't returned to the tread in over a year and a half. He may have taken the advice.

Paulieb1979 Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

This web site should be shut down. I ordered a Nikon sb910 from them listed for 399.99. I called them before I placed the order because the price seemed to good to be true. I was assured everything was on the up and up.  After placing order I Google mellodigital reviews I was horrified at the reviews. Bait and switch bait and switch so many reviews for bait and switch. Then 5 hours after I placed my order I get a phone call. Oh do you need this right away because your item is back ordered and for more money I could give you the deluxe package with the defuiser and case and other attachments.  I went off on this guy on how they were doing this crap on purpose and that's not right. He was so calm and collective from all the practice they get from screwing people over. he kept saying I will just raise the price a little bit so you get the deluxe package right away I was like do you really think your selling these expensive items to people that don't know what they're buying the flash comes with all the accessories no matter where you buy it. he asked me several times do you want to just cancel your order I said no I want what I paid for and what I ordered and what you have advertised. finally agreed to send me the flash for what I paid for but when I tell you this place is an absolute scam and should be shut down stay away do not order from this place unless you are willing to deal with the aggravation.

photorouse New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

I just gave them a call cause they have a great price on the t4i with lens.  After reading these reviews I became very skeptical. The lady on the phone said that they have several locations in the United States.  I asked for a physical address and she gave me on which was 7114 20th Ave, Brooklyn, New York.  I google earthed' it and found that that is just a residential address and definitely not a shipping warehouse.  It also brings up a lot of things online like G & S sporting goods among other things.  Sorry to all the people ripped off.  They make things seem fairly legit if you are not really paying attention.  I feel that it should be easier to expose this kind of fraud.  I really couldn't say for sure if this is fraud but I would surely suggest using a more reputable dealer and not chance losing a lot of money or getting a bad product.  The lady also told me that they do not ship from overseas but from NY, Texas, Cali.

rgeorge911 Forum Member • Posts: 72
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Here's what happened with me.  I ordered two Nikon lenses.  Here's the message I sent to Mello Digital today.  I have removed anything except the bare facts:

To:  Mello Digital

"I had to cancel my orders with you today.  After waiting for one month after purchase, I called again today to learn that neither of my orders had shipped, still.
The clinchers are these (which I plan to share with others):
1.  I was told that my lenses had been damaged, and couldn't be shipped out.  This was two weeks after the purchase date.
2.  I was given different dates each time I called; none were reliable.
3.  Today, I was told a different story - not that they were damaged, but that they were "oversold."  When I pushed for more info, I was told that even though mine were damaged, someone else got the latest shipment of lenses before me.  When I said that I had been waiting a month, the response was "some customers have been waiting for six months."
4.  Your website even now, at this minute, indicates that you have these lenses in stock."

They sent me emails indicating that my orders had been cancelled.  We'll see if the money flows back to the credit cards.


atrhys Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Although I have not had dealings with this company it seems very shady and possibly illegal. I would suggest everyone log a complaint with the BBB. Although they probably aren't trying to become accredited with the BBB, I believe it might help you get your money back as well as help others avoid making the same mistake. I believe they will also help you get in touch with any government agencies that can help.


Might be worth looking into.

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rgeorge911 Forum Member • Posts: 72
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

Thank you. Clearly others have had issues. I've filed a complaint with BBB.

Super Digital New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

I have similar issue with mello digital , bought a canon camera for their low price. But they are keep delaying to ship the product ,almost 3 weeks now. I called to my credit card company and cancelled this payment. Now ball in my quote. Do the same if you have similar problem

Joseph Jeanes New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Mello Digital reputable?

The SB910 was ordered from Mello Digital. The order was on Jan 27, 2013. Today is March 18, 2013. The order was cancelled on Feb 10, 2013. A refund was promised. I have made 10 telephone calls on the refund. Nothing yet. The bananas are not with these people. Call the BBB and complain. Along with todays call, I heard a woman answering a call "we will send it UPS, you should get it soon as the backorder...... yak, yak." - same old drill, thieves go to jail.

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