Question for ZS10 owners

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Question for ZS10 owners

I love my ZS3 but there is one issue that I'm hoping they have fixed with the ZS10 (my daughter has the ZS7 and although the hype was that they fixed the following problem, I can tell you from experience that they haven't).

The problem occurs when taking videos when the combined audio level of the subject and background noise is very low. There is quite a perceptable focus clicking noise on the resulting video (there is also a very slight whurr when zooming but this is not an issue).

Here's an example of the focus clicking sound in a video (if you listen closely, you can also hear the zooming whurr, but it's not a serious problem):

And here's an example of 'normal' background noise where the focus clicking is not noticeable:

In your opinion, as a ZS10 owner, would you say that Panasonic has eliminated or at least reduced focus clicks with the ZS10? (if you have a sample video, that would be a bonus).


OP PeterF Regular Member • Posts: 368
Here's a better example
OP PeterF Regular Member • Posts: 368
so there's no ZS10 owners out there? (nt)


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