TS3 GPS Problem

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Officerchuck New Member • Posts: 24
TS3 GPS Problem

Does anybody have GPS Problem with the TS3 camera? My TS3 works when it wants to, sometimes it will find the satellite and sometimes don't.

Called Panasonic Tech Support, they told me that's how it is. It just does not make sense. What's the point of have the GPS feature that's does not work most of the times.

Gary R. Veteran Member • Posts: 3,196
Re: TS3 GPS Problem

I can't answer specifically for the TS3, but a good, fast GPS fix needs a clear shot at the sky; several satellites are needed to get the fix, and they generally begin by looking for satellites that would be available from their last fixed position.

Being inside a room or a car may slow getting a fix, or make it not possible at all. Trees can do the same, as can buildings or other obstructions. Even fancy and expensive hiking GPS's suffer from the same problems, so it's not just that cameras are poor at it. If it's in a case, or in a pocket, it may or may not get a fix, or it may take longer.

So give it a try in an open area; take the camera out of its case and turn it on, and see if it gets a fix relatively quickly. I was in an open field today with my ZS7, about 30 miles from where the camera had been used the day before, and the first photo shows the data from my old (yesterday) location; the second photo, taken 8 seconds later, showed the correct data, so it was pretty quick. I'd guess the TS3 GPS is similar to the ZS7's in performance and design, so see how it does in a good situation like that. If it still stumbles and doesn't get a fix, despite clear access and having a previous fix within a reasonable distance, I'd call them back and complain more, as it should work OK under those conditions.
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kwanwk New Member • Posts: 1
Re: TS3 GPS Problem

I just bought one TS3, the GPS searching always failed.
Do you call the technical center for any advices?

Bobby Handal
Bobby Handal Veteran Member • Posts: 5,560
Re: TS3 GPS Problem

I think that you need to keep on the gps full time, not the option that has the GPS turn on while the camera is on, otherwise, it will not lock in time the satellites.

I kept mine turned on all the time and usually have no issues, unless in a tunnel, in city with tall buildings. etc.

The gps is not exact in many occasions (meaning that if you click on the coordinates in google earth it does not show the exact place - but at least you can annotate the city you took the photo in, for vacation purposes is fine for me)

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thanos Regular Member • Posts: 300
Re: TS3 GPS Problem

Try this:

1. Find an area with wide open sky. A parking lot or a playfield would be ideal. A top of a building will do too.

2. Turn off the GPS then back on again. Go to the GPS menu and in the INFO submenu refresh the GPS data.

3. A screen will comeup that will inform you how many satelites the GPS found. Ideally this number should be between 4-6. This doesn't matter much because the coordinates will be available even with 3 sats.
4. Write down the coordinates and repeat from step 2 above.

Do you get the same coordinates every time? If not then you should contact Panasonic support with your findings.

thanos Regular Member • Posts: 300
Re: TS3 GPS Problem

AFAI can tell the GPS gets a set of coordinates and refreshes every 5 minutes. So when you move a lot it's almost impossible to get exact coordinates of each shot.

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