Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

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Karmak84 New Member • Posts: 2
Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Hi guys,

I moving on from my kit lens and have narrowed my choice to the following lenses

Tamron 17-50 (non VC)
Sigma 17-70

I would mainly use the lens for street photography. I would have gone for the Tamron but was tempted by the extra 20mm in the Sigma.

Which one would you go for and why?


GuardianFlash Senior Member • Posts: 1,481
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Go with Sigma.

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Berksan Ates Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

You should go with sigma if: you want 1:2 macro, extra 20mm

You should go with tamron if: 1:4.5 macro is enough for you, constant f/2.8, better overall optical quality

You can use extension tubes for getting better macro ability but extra 70mm and having this macro ability all the time are somethings to consider, on the other hand better optical quality is important too. Your choice ...

imroberts New Member • Posts: 17
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

I'm also looking to make a similar decision, however I'm weighing up between:

Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS
Tamron SP 17-50mm f/2.8 Di II VC

OP, why are you looking at the non VC version of the Tamron? I appreciate it's meant to be slightly better optically however no VC?

The micro motor focussing puts me off the Tamron, however the narrower aperture and slightly inferior optics puts me off the Sigma.

As such I'd be interested to hear other peoples opinions.

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drjibber New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Hi !

I'm going for a 3 week trekking in Nepal / Everest base camp and I want only 1 lens with my 550D !

I'm also hesitating with thoses 2 lenses. Read a lot of reviews and it is fairly half and half.

I even read some reviews stating that the Tamron VC models would be the best pick between these 3 ! I know the optical might be inferior....

Have you finally chose one ? Wich one ? Are you satisfied ?

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janzu77 Contributing Member • Posts: 944
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Here is a another comparision, if you like better image quality and low-light capabilities to stop the motion, then it would be Tamron. If you really need that extra 20 mm reach, then Sigma. Also you have to evaluate the importance of larger (constant) aperture vs. OS and micro motor focus vs. HSM.

I personally chose the Tamron (non-VC) for image quality reasons, have not been disappointed yet. Sigma may not be able to get close to the kit (with IS) if image quality is an issue, Tamron exceeds it barely, so kit is excellent piece of lens but a bit dark for inside photography.

By the way, I found that Tamron is the cheapest alternative if you want some upgrade from kit lens, I evaluated this for several weeks. I originally thought of used 17-40L but 2.8 constant aperture won this time

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memo90061 Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

I've been looking at samples from the Sigma 17-70 on Flickr and they look very good.

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sonics Regular Member • Posts: 307
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Personally I would go with the Tamron. f/2.8 is nice to have and to be honest, I just don't like Sigma.

I tried several at stores, and I own a 2nd hand Sigma. They all had issues variying from decentered elements to front / back focus or a image stabilisation that made weird noises.

My Tamron 28-75 is perfect no issues at all on my 5D. My Sigma 15-30 will be sold again, though a non pixel peeper would be happy with it I guess.

Tejas Ramakrishnan Forum Member • Posts: 73
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

Have you checked out the Canon 15-85mm -

I'd also suggest looking into this if you can pay the slight premium that it costs because of the USM which gives you a fast focus which might be handy for street photography.

The extra 2mm that you get on the wide side could sometimes mean a lot especially in street photography if you know what i mean.... Just my 2 cents here.

Good luck and happy snapping. Would be honored to check your gallery if you please. I love street photography.

Berksan Ates Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

The samples should be good because sigma 17-70 is a good lens indeed. But Tamron is better optically. The difference in shots can be seen on wide open shots and in 100% crops.

memo90061 Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: Sigma 17-70 or Tamron 17-50?

I'm in the same boat and don't know what lens to choose to replace my Canon T2i lens. I like the lens but I'm not so happy with the results it gives me inside. My Olympus E-520 lens kit gave me better pictures inside. That lens is so sharp. I was also thinking about the Sigma 17-50 but I'm so undecided. Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread. I go to forums where they get extremely mad if another thread is posted with the same stuff as another thread, and then there are other forums that get extremely mad when hijacking. I would loove to get the 15-85 because that's a good range but it's so expensive for me at this time.

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