XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: skippy...

Since I joined, OTF has mostly been a well-rounded forum, meaning that the members are a diverse group of individuals that like to post pix, give tips, talk about equipment - camera, gear & tech, as well as celebrate individual achievements, mourn losses, and offer support. Not everyone likes the same things, obviously, but since I've been a member, we do tend to get along without too much drama - taking in stride changes, new cameras, world events, new members & trends.

I'm honestly not sure what you're bummed about. You've been here awhile & it seems, well-received. But, something has happened. Trashing people who are excited about a product that helps them in their photography (a usage tip, no less) doesn't make sense to me. Why bother clicking on a thread's title if you can clearly see it's something you aren't interested in?? And why go off the rail about something you say you don't even care about? Anyway, good luck finding a better forum.

skiphunt13 wrote:

You can't be serious. I'm not even going to dignify that with a direct response.

Can you or anyone else recommend a good blog or forum with good info about XZ-1 actual use that isn't polluted with farkle marketers/spammers?

I'm still happy with my XZ-1 would prefer to read about work being produced with it & usage tips without having to slog through endless threads selling "amazing" hunks of metal with a bit of sticky stuff on it.

Don't people actually discuss image making in this forum? Or, is it all pixel peeping, smearing & gadget bedazzling? Oh wait, I think get the "amazing" comments now. Has nothing to do with photography at all. You just think it makes the photo box look more neato?

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@CrazyM & aja2 Re: skippy...

Great! I'm just rufflin' ur feathers to keep this long "AMAZING" machined aluminum Richard Franiec (with a compass in the stock" grip thread at the top and help Richard move more product! Hope he sells a bazillion of'm!!!

And yes, I do have an Xbox 360 wrist strap that works out great for me. No need for anything else TBO. Just shooting. Wanted to commiserate somewhere about the shooting aspects more and less about the incessant threads about what else to buy for it or "smearing" or the shape of pixels, etc. What's wrong with that?

Look, it's clear this is not the forum for me. Most of the people here don't even dig the sort of work I like to do anyway. I don't really do much "birding" and I don't go to air shows. I'm also not the sort of person who get's off on accessorizing my gear with doo-dads and such. I just find what I need, figure out how to use it, then go out and shoot. I don't really have anything against "birders", insect macro noodlers, air show fans, and accessory-minded photo gadget consumers. Nothing at all. It's just frustrating when you can't seem to find a place that has photographers discussing tricks to get the most out of their gear.

I have indeed found some GREAT info on this forum. For example, someone recently posted about simply changing the focus to spot-focussing when shooting video with this camera in AF mode. SOOOO freakin' simple but actually works fantastic. It almost erases the issues I've had with video on this camera.

That's what I'm talking about. More of that sort of very useful info, and less about buying more stuff that you likely don't really need. That's all I'm saying. I'm just picking on this grip because it's the most visible doo-dad that's been perpetually all over this forum since I bought an XZ-1 and began participating.

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Re: @CrazyM & aja2 Re: skippy...

I bought the Franiec grip from Lensmate soon after I got my XZ-1 in March and it has made an amazing difference to the handling of the camera. It looks and feels like original equipment.

I live in South Africa, don't know anything about Mr Franiec, or Lensmate, except that their very small range of products for the XZ-1 justs WORK for me.

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Re: @CrazyM & aja2 Re: skippy...

The grip's usefulness for some users wasn't really the point. And although I don't personally see any need for a grip, I am a little curious with all those who swear by it like yourself. Just not $30 curious.

Bottom line is I was reacting to marketing in the forums in general & was wishing the focus could be more on photography & a little less on accessorizing.

BTW: I just shot some b-roll video footage I needed in a pinch. Wanted some shallow DOF for a few close-up product shots & needed to use AF. Setting the focus to spot worked surprisingly well & after dropping exposure -3 & -7 the footage looks really nice, especially for a compact.

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jon404 Senior Member • Posts: 2,231
Re: @CrazyM & aja2 Re: skippy...

I use the Franiec grip... it's a real help.

The XZ-1 is pretty good for shallow DOF, particularly if you are fairly close to your subject, like 1' or 18", zoomed at full 112mm equiv tele, using 'Macro' mode in aperture priority at f/2.5.

"Pretty good' isn't quite right. Should be 'really good', as it's a small-sensor camera and as such, its real strength is amazing DOF compared to a DSLR or an APS-C. At its 112mm equiv full tele, the XZ-1's DOF is the same as a 24mm lens on a full-frame camera. Cool.

And this brings up a wonderful debate about whether sharp DOF images are more natural to the human eye than background blurs... blurs that we've gotten used to because of large-film and large-sensor cameras that can't always stop down for long exposures to get sharp long DOF. No right answer to this... I personally like both effects.

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Re: XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

fcz wrote:

and what about flipbac grips, has anyone tried one of these?
they are much cheaper than richard franiec (9,99$+2,99$ shipping)?

I'm using the Flipbac FBG1 on my XZ-1 and love it, especially the grippy material. I think all camera bodies should be grippy material where you are meant to hold them, but this seems to be the opposite of what sells/is designed for the compact camera market. I couldn't care less if the body is aluminum or magnesium or unobtanium. Something you are meant to hold steady shouldn't be slippery.

Daniel Lauring
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Re: XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

I like the Flipbac on the Oly XZ-1. It isn't quite as sculptured, as the Franiec, but it looks like it belongs on the camera. The texture even matches the camera's texture. It makes a huge difference. It doesn't feel like rubber coated plastic. It feels like a solid piece of rubber.

Here are some pics.

fcz wrote:

and what about flipbac grips, has anyone tried one of these?
they are much cheaper than richard franiec (9,99$+2,99$ shipping)?

Richard Franiec
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Re: Skippy, where are you when I need you...

skiphunt13 wrote:

Great! I'm just rufflin' ur feathers to keep this long "AMAZING" machined aluminum Richard Franiec (with a compass in the stock" grip thread at the top and help Richard move more product! Hope he sells a bazillion of'm!!!

On the serious note, I have visited your websites and have to say that I was impressed by your work.

At first, saturation level of images was a little over the top for me but as I was going through your voyages, I got used to it just like to any other style.
Keep up a good work and enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying mine.



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