FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

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Hello all!

I have searched this forum for this topic and could not find a debate on the FZ40 vs. FZ100 that I could fully understand given my knowledge in photography. I am an extreme amateur photographer who loves macro photography (both inside and outside) and I'm currently looking at the FZ40 vs. the FZ100. I am sick of using a dinky $99 point and shoot camera and would love to upgrade to a more "professional" investment. I cannot afford anything higher in price than $379, which is what the FZ100 is listed at. Given the expertise on this forum, what would you guys recommend as the best camera for the job? I will also use the camera for scenery/nature shots while I'm out on a hike or at the park, so I will not be doing 100% macro shooting by any means.

Thanks in advance!

Depends what your $99 camera is. Some of the cheapest cameras do very good macros. I've been playing with the FZ100 a bit and it does very well at macros, but I also get some equally stunning macro shots with a Fuji I paid $35 for.
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Get a good used ZS3 or ZS7 new...either one will do for excellent macros...and are very usable ISO400 Cameras also...

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

Thanks! So I would need to get the DMW-LA5 lens adaptor to use the macro lens? I'm new to both this particular camera and any digital camera with this many bells and whistles. I had a sweet little idiot proof Canon that unfortunately joined me for an unplanned swim in the Colorado River, and I replaced it with the somewhat daunting FZ40. The first thing I've discovered is that its auto mode doesn't seem to do as well as the little Canon; I got better shots of the same setup when I tweaked the settings.

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

Tymevest, thank you for taking the quarter pictures! I'm very encouraged by these shots because I'm hoping to take good pictures of shiny fountain pen nibs, as well as distant birds or rocks, etc. (I don't yet know how to use my camera, but I can repair vintage fountain pens.)

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

virtualgretchen wrote:

Thanks! So I would need to get the DMW-LA5 lens adaptor to use the macro lens? >

You don't absolutely need the LA5 adapter, the FZ40 will do good macro on its' own, but, if you want a highly magnified image, a macro lens helps alot. The lens works with a step-up ring mounted to the existing lens but is much more effective when used with the LA5.

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

Before you make up your mind, have a look at this site. http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM

Select the FZ100 on one side and the FZ35 (still available) on the other. Have a look at (e.g.) the full-size studio still life shots at ISO 400 and compare. It's worth pointing out that the FZ40 will be sharper still, though I have no knowledge what its macro mode is like - both the FZ35 and FZ100 have dedicated macro modes.
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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

fz100 at iso 100

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