Some more Casio Z1080 RAW samples...

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Some more Casio Z1080 RAW samples...

I finally got color worked out, Dave Coffin created color matrix for the Z1050/Z1080 cameras (same sensor.) Here are 2 sets I uploaded (make sure you click on 'Original' to see the full-sized images.)

This set is some mostly base ISO shots (with a couple at 800.) I did minor PP, re-sized to 1600x1200, and then sharpened:


This is the original comparison gallery of RAW vs. in-cam JPEG from ISO 400 to 800 (full-size resolution.) I did some basic tweaking of the RAW but didn't spend too much time:


I personally don't mind a little luminance noise if it gives more detail. Anyway, the Z1080 is a far better camera with RAW, even at base ISO. With a SDHC card the RAW write time is generally about 3.5 seconds, pretty good for a 2007 camera!

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Re: Some more Casio Z1080 RAW samples...

Thanks for good news. It is pleasant to see result.
Photo CIMG0189w has especially pleased with the his mood

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