some a300 shots

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akyr0s New Member • Posts: 24
some a300 shots

hello everyone,nice forum!here some amateurish pics with my a300
tamron 17-50

tamron 70-300

tamron 17-50+nd filter

kit lens

while waiting for the a77,im thinking of purchasing the 16-105(im tired taking the camera 3-4 times a year for sensor cleaning)
will i see any decent results?or should i wait for new glass ?

kozmoc Contributing Member • Posts: 918
Re: some a300 shots

I really like the owl shot, and always wanted to try the merry go roung shot, but am lazy and never carry my trypod. All are pretty nice captures though. Thanks for sharing. I have the a300 as well.

pheanix Regular Member • Posts: 211
Re: some a300 shots

The 16-105mm is a nice lens from what I've heard. But you're already getting nice results. If you want to change lenses even less, why not consider an all-in-one zoom ?
'Shoot first (pictures that is); ask questions later'

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gtexan Regular Member • Posts: 375
Re: some a300 shots

I highly recommend learning to clean your own sensor.

The first time you do it is absolutely terrifying. The second time is slightly less. And so on.

It saves a lot of money in the long run though

kaumed Regular Member • Posts: 186
Re: some a300 shots

Nice shots..I have enjoyed my A300 quite a lot for the 3+ years that I had it...Now am having a good time with A580..But A300 sure had been one heck of a camera for the time I had it...

And the previous post suggests, you should do your own cleaning of sensor (search on the innumerable posts around sensor cleaning)

I really don't think you should limit your choice of lenses based on the hardships of sensor cleaning...Does not sound right for me...A decent sensor cleaning kit from Adorama/B&H should be about 50$...Check out on the web...

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OP akyr0s New Member • Posts: 24
Re: some a300 shots

i tried,bought a c.kit and all,but i could not get a 100%result(sony service did)
there where allways some persistant stains.

i love this camera,im gonna keep it for back up,the only thing that bugged my so far was the stain problem!

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