K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

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K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

Primary Firmware version 1.02 - file - FWDC209B.BIN - MD5 - 5c1365175af7b26c248d9b54082f50c4

Today (18/01/2011) Firmware version 1.02 - file - FWDC209B.BIN - MD5 -

Pentax... Pentax :))

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Jarda_Houdek Contributing Member • Posts: 812
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

I'ts not a first time they done this. My boss would crucify me for providing two FW with different contents under same version.

Through a Pentax Limited prime things may appear sharper than they actually are...

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Meuh Veteran Member • Posts: 3,161
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

Ill have to download this.. im still running the leaked one.

Markah1 Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

From PhotoME, the version is now (compared to a few weeks ago).

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Gerardus Forum Member • Posts: 52
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

Not as strange as it sounds.... if might be NEWLY produced K5's from factory have a new revision of a certain component in them, that needs specific code in the firmware to work properly. In that case there is NO NEED for field-updates in K5's already out there....and we are not confused
K5, the BEST there is

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newfotofan New Member • Posts: 12
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

It at least should fix a bug in the former FW 1.02 version where the internal flash wouldn't fire in LiveView when an SDM or HSM (Sigma) lens is attached to the body. With FW 1.01 internal flash + LiveView + SDM-lens worked fine.

dlacoutu Contributing Member • Posts: 811
Re: K-5 "shadow" firmware Update

What I find interesting is the fact that they issued 4 different versions (internally, at least).

We went from the .07 to the .10, so in a versioning scheme I'm pretty sure they have made other changes (I'm a software engineer and that's how we work, each set of proven and qualified changes get their version increment, so here they have done at least 3 sets of different updates since the last release)...

So I bet they fixed other things, but what?

FF in low-light seems fixed for me, but I cannot do extended tests right now...
Wireless flash is still out when focus distance is reported as "far"...

And I've never seen the hot pixels in movie mode, so I cannot comment on this one...

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Terry k Regular Member • Posts: 102
K-r also has "shadow" firmware Update?

After seeing this post about the multiple K-5 firmware updates, I just checked the Pentax website for the K-r firmware update. The day it was released (1/5/2011), I downloaded the K-r v1.01 Firmware. The extracted file had the name "fwdc208b.bin". I just checked today (1/19/2011), and the Website says the extracted bin filename for the K-r v1.01 firmware is "fwdc209b.bin", and lists the release date as 1/6/2011. I just sent back my K-r for service to address the tungsten friont focus issue, so I cannot check to see if there is any functional differences between these two K-r v1.01 firmwares....anyone know what is going on here?

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