Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

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stormyboy Contributing Member • Posts: 769
Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

Is anyone successfully using dual monitors with Windows 7 both on initial boot and after recovering from sleep mode? I once read on the Microsoft site that it was a recognized problem, but that was after Win 7 was just released. I can't find the same web page now, so I'm hoping that some fixes have made things more stable.

PaulAmicucci Regular Member • Posts: 108
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode
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Paul Amicucci
Moorhead, MN

I am using three monitors with W7 with
No issues. I do set to request password when it wakes up.
What is your issue .

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OP stormyboy Contributing Member • Posts: 769
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

Three monitors! Nice!

On boot: Sometimes (I've reverted back to Vista 64 for now) it would put the main screen on the secondary monitor, or part of the main screen. All of this despite the primary and secondary monitor settings I had set.

On waking after sleep: Worse problems like change of resolution, or forgetting which monitor things were on prior to sleep, or one monitor not even being recognized.

At that time I did have a CRT and a LCD. Maybe now that I have two LCD's I ought to give it another try.

KennyB Senior Member • Posts: 1,145
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

No problems with mine. I recently installed another Harddrive using Win 7 Pro 64 and have no problems booting up or starting from sleep mode. Not even once, so you should be ok as long as you have the most recent drivers for the card, OS, and also BIOS for your Motherboard. Good luck and have fun!
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Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson Veteran Member • Posts: 6,586
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

No problems here, and my second monitor is even in portrait orientation.

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AikenMooney Senior Member • Posts: 1,708
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

No problems with Win 7 Pro and 2 monitors from Sleep mode.
I have to re-enter password and both screens are as I left them.

I do this at least 3-4 times a week, especially if I have several spreadsheets or C/S 5, Bridge and L/R 3 open.
I do get msg that gamma has been restored to my Eizo monitor on screen #1.

To chech this the first few times it happened I looked at Color Management in Control Panel and both monitors showed the proper profile.

I have tried Hibernate on my last two Sony (Vista & now Win 7 Pro) laptops and that is a problem. Every time I have tried it I have had to shutdown and re-boot.
I do have current drivers.

Anyone have a solution for laptops and hibernate?

Simon Garrett Veteran Member • Posts: 5,857
no problems here either...

...on two systems. One a Lenovo laptop with Win 7 Enterprise, the other a custom-built i7-930 with NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250 and Win 7 Home Premium. Both have dual (dissimilar) monitors, both boot or come out or sleep or hibernation without problem.

I would have thought it most likely to be a driver or graphics card issue. Have you got the latest graphics drivers for your card?

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breadbox New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

Annoying, but this worked for me...

  1. Device Manager > Display Adapters
  2. Disable all video adapters
  3. Enable all video adapters
OP stormyboy Contributing Member • Posts: 769
Re: Win 7 and dual monitors and sleep mode

A belated thank you to those who answered one day ago and two years ago!


digitalshooter Forum Pro • Posts: 19,604
Interesting that this comes to the top again I am having a random

issue with one monitor loosing signal.   I have replaced the cable and it continues so since I am using an adapter with a cable I have ordered a new cable that is HDMI on one end and digital on the other.

It only happens with the monitor using the HDMI signal on an HP with a Radeon HD 7450.

If the new cable does not work, then I guess a new video card is needed.  HP wants me to send them the whole PC!

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