K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

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bbfolgart New Member • Posts: 20
K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

I have been looking for a DSLR for some time now and the review of the K-5 and spending some time with it at my local camera store has almost convinced me to purchase it. However on other forums they are discussing a sensor staining issue with some K-5 batches. Apparently it is not the sensor itself but the glass that is over the sensor.

My questions are:

1. Is it limited to batches or more widespread? Are certain geographic areas more affected than others? A lot of owners in Spain are reporting this issue. I am in Canada.

2. Is there any way you can tell if the camera is affected by examining it prior to purchase? Is there something I should be looking for to see if it is affected?

Thanks in advance.

jeanphilippe Goube Senior Member • Posts: 1,931
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue


looks like the issue is under control now; recent purchases (serial numbers > = 39xxxx) seem not affected; I myself have had to exchange my K5 cause of this stain issue; anyway if you can try the K5 before buying it the test process is quite simple

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aplucini Senior Member • Posts: 1,896
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

I bought my K-5 a month ago and it is free of stains so I think all the cameras affected are no longer in the retail system. I think your chances of getting a stained sensor now are pretty slim.

Allan in Colorado, USA

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OP bbfolgart New Member • Posts: 20
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue


Can this be visually checked before purchase? Will it show up on test shots? Don't know what I am looking for.

Peter Budd
Peter Budd Senior Member • Posts: 1,222
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

Yes - just take a shot of white paper or the sky ( blue sky is best but cloudy works ok ) Take it at F22 or higher

Zoom in and scroll around - any stains / marks should be fairly easy to spot.

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badabus New Member • Posts: 12
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

I don't know in which part of Canada you live but if you buy from a renowned shop (as I did), they will test it before you buy. In my case, I had bought on the internet from a store in Toronto. The sensor was indeed affected so I returned it and the tested the new one before sending it back to me.

solarider Veteran Member • Posts: 4,887
Re: K-5 Sensor Staining Issue

If you get a new camera there shouldn't be any issues -pentax produces in small batches and can easily respond to needed attention.

Probably more than a few people returned the camera for no other than poor reasoning without really knowing what to look for or could tell the difference to sensor dust. At least run the sensor cleaning function a half dozen times before testing to minimize dust issues.

If other readers are reading this thread and is a newbie, get some help through the camera dept at your store. or find a camera that matches your experience and abilities. If one doesn't know what to look for, then maybe there is nothing to worry about it

bbfolgart wrote:


Can this be visually checked before purchase? Will it show up on test shots? Don't know what I am looking for.

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