FX100 Battery confusion/mystery?

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FX100 Battery confusion/mystery?

When I bought the FZ100 in October I immediately tried to order an additional battery or two. I called the number in the manual to order the DMW-BMB9PP. I was told they had no such battery.

Then I read several threads here talking about Chinese substitutes but frankly I thought it a poor risk to chance a $400 camera on a no-name $29 battery.

On October 11 I found a Panasonic site that acknowledged the battery and I ordered 2 DMW-BMB9 (notice the lack of the "PP" suffix) and a charger. All were back-ordered but I was informed the charger would deliver mid Ocotber and the batteries late November. And so I waited and waited. The charger came on schedule and the batteries finally arrived on Monday 11/29. A few days before I had e-mailed Panasonic asking about the order and the answer was they were on the way. And so they were.

So here's the mystery:

1. I ordered DMW-BMB9
2. The battery that came with the camera is DMW-BMB9PP.
3. The two little boxes containing the batteries were printed, "DMW-BMB9."
4. Each box had a label glued on listing it as DMW-BMB9PP.
5. The batteries themselves were printed DMW-BMB9PP.

The batteries work fine, their status is shown on the camera so there's no problem except I can't understand what's going on with Panasonic. Are there 2 different batteries? Are there two same batteries with different labels? Does it matter?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I guess the real question is how they could start selling a camera without having such a necesary item as spare batteries for sale?

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Re: FX100 Battery confusion/mystery?

I just went to the photo store I bought my camera at and they had batteries there. I know I paid a premium for it but I did want one that will last as my last ebay purchase of a new substitute didn't last a dozen charges so I got sucked in. I have a replacement battery plan where I can get a new one within a 24 month period so this is also very good.

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Re: FX100 Battery confusion/mystery?

Same battery with two different inventory designations - one ships with camera, one is an accessory. Pany often gets them mixed up --I think!

(I also ordered a BMB9PP and received it in a box that said BMB9)

The important thing is that the battery is finally available - 4 months after the camera was released! A real Pany screw-up.

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