WB settings for cloudy day?

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WB settings for cloudy day?

Hi there...

I have been slightly confused when using WB settings in cloudy days (which is the common thing in London).

Do you normally use D-Lighting settings on? Normal? High? totally OFF?

Also, when setting the picture control, what is the advised settings for more accurate color/sharpening? I head Vivid does help, but do you set any of the saturation, sharpening or most of you shoot RAW/Fine Jpeg and adjust it later on PP?

how about ISO, I normally shot on 200, sometimes moving to 400. is there any ideal aperture or it is the normal 8-9-11?

I find quite annoying that the pictures get (well, my pics) get flat, colorless and ii need to adjust everything on PP because of lack of color and sharpening... Well, I guess I am doing something every wrong

Anyway, I head once that even for sunny days the wb cloudy settings is fine, b ut then, what should be the picture control?

thanks for any help.

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Re: WB settings for cloudy day?

I shoot in raw only, and I have two custom PC's that I like on cloudy days (we get a few here in western Washington as well). Both use the Standard Picture Control, and bump up saturation +1, and +2. Cloudy WB usually works for me, and if I don't like the result I'll play with it in View NX (2) before I convert to jpeg.

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Re: WB settings for cloudy day?

If you shoot in Jpeg, you may want to get the settings correct in Camera itself. Without seing a sample picture, it's difficult to say what's wrong here. Try setting the WB to cloudy or shadow and see if you like the output. I use a custom vivid setting (vivid +some sharpening and saturation), when I shoot outdoor. But since I shoot in RAW, I always have the freedom to adjust it later.

If you think, your photos are not sharp enough, check the shutter speed. Are you shooting hand held at a low speed ? Show us some picture and the exif , we will go from there.


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