HELP, 1D MK4 shut down today

Started Oct 17, 2010 | Discussions
MuratC Regular Member • Posts: 485
HELP, 1D MK4 shut down today

I was out birding today and after a few dozen shots, the camera shut down after I pressed the shutter. The mirror locked up and the camera just turned itself off. I turned it off using the switch, took out the battery, put it back in. It just doesn't turn on. No menu, no LCD, no functions. It just stuck with the mirror up and can not be powered up.

Any suggestions what to do, before I take it to the service??

Thank You

thenibster Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: HELP, 1D MK4 shut down today

Take the cards out of the camera, take the lens off, and the battery out.

Recalibrate the battery overnight. Not just recharge, use the recalibrate feature of the charger, as this will 'reset' the battery. Then plug the battery back in, and try powering it up with no cards or lens. If that does work, then it looks like you're be paying a visit to the service centre.


OP MuratC Regular Member • Posts: 485
Re: HELP, 1D MK4 shut down today

Oh yes, it worked after I recalibrated and recharged Thank You vey much...

But I wonder why it happened when everything was just OK. I guess the battery or the camera electronics just gave up. The camera also didin't work when I installed the spare battery. Today, nothing was important but if ithis happens when you are shooting something very critical then it's a big disappointment. So, the moral of the story. Always have a second body with you

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