Nikon d7000 is now with AF fine-tuning

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PeterZheng Regular Member • Posts: 315
Nikon d7000 is now with AF fine-tuning

Nikon d7000 is now with AF fine-tuning

d7000, Japanese:

方式 TTL位相差検出方式:フォーカスポイント39点(うち、クロスタイプセンサー9点)、マルチCAM 4800DXオートフォーカスセンサーモジュールで検出、AF微調節可能、AF補助光(約0.5~3m)付

検出範囲 -1~+19 EV(ISO 100、常温20℃)


d7000, English:

Autofocus Nikon Multi-CAM 4800DX autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, finetuning, 39 focus points (including 9 cross-type sensors), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. 0.5 to 3 m/1 ft. 8 in. to 9 ft. 10 in.)


d300s, Japanese:

方式 TTL位相差検出方式:フォーカスポイント51点(うち、クロスタイプセンサー15点)、マルチCAM3500DXオートフォーカスセンサーモジュールで検出、AF微調節可能、AF補助光(約0.5~3 m)付

検出範囲 -1~+19 EV(ISO 100換算、常温20℃)


However, website page is lacking that, -- fine-tuning,

PeterZheng OP Regular Member • Posts: 315
Re: here is the more images: page is now added with, -- AF fine-tuning.

I think that the d7000 will be frantic to impact the camera lover market.
maybe Nikon would not provide a d400? at least d400 will be delayed.

as a Pentax's user already 28 years, I have to say,

nowadays, If someone who has no Pentax lenses, absolutely you are ought to select a d7000. If I have no Pentax cameras and lenses, I would never care about a K5.

If Pentax K5 is still a higher pricing, Hoya should get hell.
d7000 body is 1200 USD, and then the K5 will be a value far less than 1000 USD.

here is the more images:

Prognathous Veteran Member • Posts: 8,951
K-5 vs. D7000

PeterZheng wrote:

If Pentax K5 is still a higher pricing, Hoya should get hell.
d7000 body is 1200 USD, and then the K5 will be a value far less than 1000 USD.

The K5 hasn't even been released yet. What makes you believe that it would be worth $200 less than the D7000? The Pentax is likely to be on par with the D7000 in most aspects except the 39-point AF, and is going to have its own advantages (in-body IS, and probably faster frame rate).


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Re: two cameras compared.

two cameras compared.

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d7000, sensor -- TTL exposure metering using 2016-pixel RGB sensor, 3D color matrix metering II

Spot -- Meters 3.5 mm circle (about 2.5% of frame) centered on active focus area.

(Spot metering can synchronize with a focusing point, and that a spot metering is movable position. When your d7000 is locked to a tripod's top, that would be more helpful.)

K5, metering sensor -- like K7, Spot -- only a spot fixed.


d7000, Nikon Multi-CAM 4800DX sensor module, 39 focus points (including 9 cross-type sensors), a larger coverage area! (And, Nikon has the more reliable AF system)

K5, rumored a 18-point way, another rumored - that is still an 11-point like old AF. However, in any case also impossible to compete with d7000 39 points.

d7000, up to 1/250 sec (up to 1/320 sec in Auto FP)

K5, 1/180 sec. (will have 1/250 available with new flashes to be released First half 2011)

d7000 -- Frame coverage 100%
K5 -- Frame coverage 96%

--Continuous shooting
D7000 -- Max speed 6fps
K5 -- Max speed: 8fps

I have to say, that the continuous shooting with the 5fps were already sufficient, d7000 and K5 both are mainly facing the high-class camera lovers, and not the semi-pro grade DSLR, they did not need a machine-gun.

However, the mirror/shutter's oscillation must be lesser. Also, we are wanting the shutter's lag is smaller, AF is faster.

In K7, pre-focused's shutter lag time is only 67ms, not bad. But its oscillated amplitude is a unknown data. We would prefer K5 still be 5fps, and not a 8fps, K5 is having a smaller pixel size than K7, then a same oscillation amplitude would be a worse result. The worse luck -- if the oscillation amplitude moves up.

if K5 is finally 8fps, then its menu must provide an optional item, 5fps or 8fps.

a higher speed of fps and limiting of the oscillated amplitude, would be a higher cost. That is usually in a professional/semi-pro grade DSLR aspect, and not a K5, K7 or d7000.

Pentax Z1p is only a 4fps speed, but Z1p is a good camera, nobody doubts it. Historically, Eos5 is a faster 5fps, but its mirror/shutter's oscillation was very bad.

PeterZheng OP Regular Member • Posts: 315
Re: two cameras compared.


If you take into account that the Nikon lenses and accessories have more advantage and easier to buy. Well, d7000 is very worth buying!

ManuH Veteran Member • Posts: 3,898
K-5 is not yet released!

PeterZheng wrote:

two cameras compared.

You're funny, how can you compare the K-5 when it's not even released? Can you just wait till monday please? Some of the specs you wrote about the K-5 are completely off.

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