How to clean heads on Epson Workforce 600

Started Aug 31, 2010 | Discussions
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HDR_guy Regular Member • Posts: 199
How to clean heads on Epson Workforce 600

My Epson Workforce 600 completely stopped printing from the Cyan cartridge. I've tried the Epson Cleaning utility (5 times) and replacing the Cyan cartridge to no avail. The problem with the Epson cleaning utility is that it also sucks ink from all the other cartridges which is very costly. I've also tried a cleaning kit from Staples but that didn't fix it either. I then went into photo shop and created a rectangle and filled it with cyan and tried printing that several times. Still no Cyan.

Is there anything else I can do before giving up and buying a new printer? I can buy a new Epson 610 Workforce for $83 so I don't think sending my unit in for repair is an option.

I'm open to buying another printer but it must have the versatility of the Workforce 600 or better. Any Recommendations?

Any responses would be appreciated as I'm desperate to get this resolved.

na goodman Regular Member • Posts: 498
Re: How to clean heads on Epson Workforce 600

I'm not familiar with the cleaning kit from Staples but this one works well.

You could get the 610, for that is a really good price and it comes with the larger ink tanks. Also, your 610 would use the same ink cartridges as the 600 - if you had some left.

HDR_guy OP Regular Member • Posts: 199
Re: How to clean heads on Epson Workforce 600

Thanks for that link! If that doesn't fix it then there's something else wrong with the printer. I've also got an Epson 1400 so I think it'll be a useful thing to have around.

maninakilt New Member • Posts: 1
Re: How to clean heads on Epson Workforce 600

I read this link a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the cleaning kit from and used according to instructions and had a new Epson ink cartridge too. It sputtered out a little ink then stopped working altogether. Again.

It may work for you but did not clean my heads.  Epson is no help, either. If is in warranty send it in and they will replace it. If not, tough luck Charlie

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