50D and 7D - Lens Calibration?

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Pazul Forum Member • Posts: 52
50D and 7D - Lens Calibration?

I am currently looking at the Canon 7D, Canon 50D, Nikon D300s, and Nikon D90. I am coming from another mount and my main focus points are the following to be able to capture great photos of kids, indoor candid shots (natural light), and youth sports:

Great AF system (Speed and Accuracy)
High ISO performance (1600-3200 quality for larger prints)
Lens calibration

I shoot raw so the rest of the features are less important to me and video is just an added bonus. Live view will be a nice addition but all of these have that feature.

Please give me your thoughts and feedback. Also, I cannot find if the 50D or 7D have the ability for fine tuning the lens calibration. Do they? If so how many lens profiles can be stored. Thanks in advance!

Karl Gnter Wnsch Forum Pro • Posts: 11,408
Re: 50D and 7D - Lens Calibration?

Pazul wrote:

Also, I cannot find if the 50D or 7D have the ability for fine tuning the lens calibration.

Both these cameras have the ability to store 20 lens profiles for autofocus calibration - but most of the time it's not necessary to use these...
Karl Günter Wünsch

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Nikon D700

I am quite happy with my new 7D but with your requirements I think I would give the Nikon D700 a thought or two. Consider renting before you buy.

OP Pazul Forum Member • Posts: 52
Re: Nikon D700

The D700 would be Perfect. Unfortunately I do not have the funds for that body. Hence I am looking at the D300s vs 7D or the D90 (D95) vs 50D. I have always had Canon for everything P&S, but the new AF system, high ISO performance and their legendary flash system have me strongly considering Nikon as I make the jump to a new platform for DSLR. Thanks for the suggestion though.

nathaniel m Regular Member • Posts: 377
Re: 50D and 7D - Lens Calibration?

d300s and 7D are indistinguishable except their noise pattern and UI, so if you are going that level, just pick the one thats more comfortable (probably canon if you have used their p&s).

Sounds like it's not super urgent, so if you are looking d90 or 50d level, plus a better lens, i'd wait two weeks and see what both companies replace the respective models with.

depending on total budget, i would also think hard about respective lenses for each system. kids indoors are going to require a reasonably wide, fast lens

Edit: oh, and as for lens calibration, i would suggest testing it no matter what. i didnt realize how sharp my pictures could get until some people on this forum convinced me to try it.

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