S90 "modifications" and comments

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S90 "modifications" and comments

Picked up an S90 prior to an end-of-July ten day trip to Germany (wife’s family get-together) as I had decided to try a “light” camera for this trip as opposed to one of my SLR Canons as my “walk around” camera (normally my T1i with a 10~22mm lens). My intention was to shoot only JPG this vacation. After using the camera for a couple of weeks prior to the trip I found that shooting RAW didn’t take up all that much more time, as I did PP even with my JPG images. I just never got comfortable giving up all the information available with RAW images. Anyway, I have a couple of observations and I’ve made a few simple modifications to my S90 that I’d like to share with the forum.

· I found the face recognition option to be very valuable, far more so then I’d thought it would be.

· I took four batteries with me; two Canon, two cheap versions purchased through Amazon (ten bucks for both, with shipping?). Can’t tell the difference between them.

· Battery life is fairly short with the S90 (OK, I do take a lot of photos…). Not a big deal, just carry a spare battery.


Forgive my hubris for using the word “modifications,” but anyway, beside the needed Franiec grip and control ring protector that we’ve discussed a million times on the forum I did two things;

I put a tiny, tiny amount of plastic cement on my on/off button (by tiny I mean a tinsy amount of glue put on the tip of a toothpick and then carefully placed on the center of the on/off switch). I can now feel a tiny bit of raised glue on the switch, so I can turn the S90 on and off without looking.

Wrist band: I have a bad left arm (MV accident ten years ago). I must use my wrist strap all the time (use one on all my cameras) or I risk dropping the device. Beside putting a spring loaded size adjuster on my strap I took a button (just a plain old button), drilled out the center (using a Dremel tool) so that I could wedge the little plastic piece that’s part of the wrist strap into the button, and, by holding it against my closed fingers, use it to aid in securely holding onto the camera, especially while operating its controls. Here are a couple of photos of the button and its use, which will explain what I’ve done far better then words.

One last thing. I’ve found that using my thumb for the shutter and my other fingers for operation of the controls works really well for me. Especially when keeping my little finger under the body of the S90 for solid support.

The camera is a wonderful trip and “anywhere” camera. Won’t replace my SLR cameras and there L-lenses, but she takes great shots none the less.

Rich (hiding out on Cape Cod)

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Re: S90 "modifications" and comments

I use a little different design. I stitched 2 loops into an old strap, place my fingers in and from there I have full control over the shutter and rear wheel. (kinda of a leverage hold where your thumb is free to move about for controls, then used for stabilizing the shot. The camera rests on my thumb and I don't have to worry about dropping it.

I also picked up a couple of the cheap batteries...I don't know for sure if they last as long as the Canon one, but as you say for $10 delivered, I am happy.

Anyway...thought I would post this as well should anyone be interested in holding the s90 a little differently.

to the right is a view of the strap without the fingers.

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