Wrist Strap advice for 7D (or any other DSLR)...

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Roland Ashdown Forum Member • Posts: 85
Wrist Strap advice for 7D (or any other DSLR)...

Hello all!

Can I ask for some advice/recommendations pleas on wrist straps for a 7D?

Does anyone here have/use one?

I've traded in the standard neck strap for a "Sling-Shot" shoulder starp and am very happy with that. But I like to also stroll around with the 7D in the hand. However, I'm always nervous about it slipping out of my hand!

The 7D will only really have a 2/50 or 2/90 MF prime on it, so not too heavy.

The Hama strap comes up in searches ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hama-Wrist-Strap-Dslr-Cameras/dp/B000NRU6JU ) but the reviews are not too impressive.

Any guide is appreciated.

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Leigh A. Wax Senior Member • Posts: 1,056

I've been using Zing straps for years, and they work very well.


Of course, Canon offers one as well, but I have no experience with it.



zonamax Regular Member • Posts: 239
Re: Zing.

The best wrist straps for DSLR's are made by Camdaptor.

They are certainly not the cheapest but materials and workmanship are beyond reproach.
You have a camera worth over $1,000. Why cheap out on the strap?

For my 40D, I bought the Top Grain Pro in Black with the Manfrotto adaptor plate so I can just snap it on to my tripod when needed. Battery access is still easy and it has not been off of my camera since I purchased it over 2 years ago.

The original neck strap attaches to the other side allowing the camera to hang vertically when not using the wrist strap.

This strap allows secure one handed camera operation with no chance of it falling out of your hand.

puttin Veteran Member • Posts: 7,302
Re: Zing.

Check prostrap, they have a nice choice of wrist straps. They have one that connects like a shoulder strap but one sided for the wrist with a slde to tighten on your wrist

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Vigy Contributing Member • Posts: 518
Re: Zing.

I use teh kata strap KT A91C, and i'm very happy with it.

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Richard RS Junior Member • Posts: 37
Re: Zing.

The best wrist straps for DSLR's are made by Camdaptor.

I agree, these wrist straps let you carry the camera at your side very securely for long walks. Quality is outstanding.

Loren Charif Veteran Member • Posts: 3,712
Re: Wrist Strap advice for 7D (or any other DSLR)...
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