D90 Memory failure

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D90 Memory failure

Just a note/heads up. I've been using a 32GB Class 10 SanDisk Extreme SDHC card for about six months without any problems. I've captured maybe 3,000 images and 10 minutes of video with it so far - nothing to serious. The card failed on me for this first time, and has had only one prior hiccough.

One one occasion, after copying images to the computer, the camera did not recognize the card once reinserted. I removed the card, blew out some "dust" and put the card back in. It worked fine thereafter. This was maybe two months ago.

Yesterday, instead of just deleting files via the computer, I formatted the card in the camera. The max number of images showed to be 1.4k which is normal (I've been leaving it on JPEG Large Fine + RAW). While using the camera in the field, it saved images fine. I could review pictures and browse through all of them, so I know it was saving o.k. When I put the card in the camera, I noticed something usual. There were four files which were on the card prior to me formatting the card in the camera - like the weren't erased and the format went bad, yet it gave me the "No Images" indication after the camera format.

I ran checkdisk with Windows, and it recovered one of the new pictures I took. I had taken about three hundred new pictures over a several hour period with lots of work and they were some of my better images. Very disappointing.

I performed a low-level format with FAT32 on the computer, and tested it and now things are back to working condition. This should not have happened; however, it is important to remember that this is technically an unsupported card per the Nikon manual in that it is not listed. This could be due to the manual being older than the card though - nonetheless.

My final point is an opinion. I use Compact Flash cards a lot at work in solid state recorders for mission critical work. We have four such devices and between about fifteen engineers using them for a few years now, we have never had one fail. And, we format them in the units and in the computer. This makes me either: 1) suspicious of SDHC as not being as robust as CF, and 2) suspicious of Nikon's formatting procedure.

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Re: D90 Memory failure

I have had an SD card go bad and the only way I fixed it was doing a format on the computer and then formatting it on the Nikon to get the correct directory structure. I don't know what messed up the card. Maybe I pulled it out when the camera was writting (which I doubt) or maybe Windows messed things up while it was in the computer slot. But as a last ditch effort before tossing an SD card, I would format it on your computer and then try formatting it on your camera.

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Re: D90 Memory failure

So, to follow up, I took about another 500 shots with the camera yesterday after doing a full format on the computer. I did not format it in the camera thereafter, just the one time in the computer. No problems - everything works as planned. The card appears to be o.k. So, now I need to format in the camera and see if I can repeat the error there. I hope it's not the camera. However, formatting in the camera is not essential. I can rely on the computer it seems with no adverse effects.

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