HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots

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Witt Corell New Member • Posts: 1
HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots
daniel fritzen Regular Member • Posts: 154
Re: HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots

I am impressed, there does not seem to be a lot of camera shake like I would expect on a boat. I cannot wait to receive my HX5 and compare to my Sony XR500V camcorder with its awesome steady shot IS.

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Re: HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots

Nice video! Looks a lot better than the HX5V footage in those TZ10 comparison videos.

meaness Senior Member • Posts: 2,941
Re: HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots

Looks like the HX5 does a nice job shooting videos, I'm surprised how steady it is for being on a boat.

gar3618 New Member • Posts: 16
Re: HX5 Video - Sailing with 25 knots

nice quality video. Those things look like fun to ride!
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T. L. Rutter Senior Member • Posts: 2,460
Elephant in the room...

Beautiful video and I can just imagine viewing it on the big screen would be quite impressive and when on a boat, vacation, travel, etc. the last thing you want is a clunky camcorder to carry along...

Unfortunately, what kills it all is the noise from the wind. These are things that you can't typically test when you are out in the field.

Being that Sony is huge on consumer and professional camcorders, you would think that they would utilize the mic-in port to allow for external microphone and better placement of what's already in the camera.

These cameras offer stunning beauty on the big screen and it would be so nice to capture nature's sound as well, despite the wind.

I suppose in the meantime, we can add our own soundtrack. I didn't want to take away from the video part, as it is stunningly awesome as I felt as though I was part of the action, and I didn't get sea sick from having the camera bounce up and down as they typically do!!! Congrats on the video part. A cool music sound track would be awesome... maybe something from James Bond!

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BertIverson Veteran Member • Posts: 3,765
Was that wind noise? ...

or engine noise?

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chupame Regular Member • Posts: 453
Re: Was that wind noise? ...
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