DIY D90 Pop-up flash diffuser

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DIY D90 Pop-up flash diffuser

Hi all,

here's a plan for a diffuser for the pop-up flash of the D90 - and other cameras, if you adjust the camera nose hole suitably.

In case you don't know, the idea is to spread light more evenly around, so that also the background gets some light and that harsh shadows are avoided. The thing only works at relatively close range and eats some light.

It is useful for casual short-range shooting when you don't have a proper flash around, or as a fill-light in the commander mode when your main flash is off-camera.

Compared to a pingpong ball or an empty film-roll canister, this one has a bit larger active surface, so the shadows get smoother at short distances. It also folds flat to 11x9cm.

You can buy a similar thing from Lumiquest (Soft screen) or others (and might even get by cheaper if you value your time highly). This one makes some more distance between the flash and the screen, and fits well on the nose of the D90. It also sends some more light upwards which may bounce from a low ceiling (but you need a different mirror-based contraption if you want to bounce most of the light).

Plain paper (size A4) will work for a feasibility test. A suitably translucent 200g foil works much better, got mine at an arts shop, coloured ones are also available.

Caveat: the default TTL-BL flash mode does not compensate for the diffuser, therefore underexposes. One may work this around by using spot metering, or FV lock, or manual flash power control, or perhaps some other trick.


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Re: DIY D90 Pop-up flash diffuser

Very interesting.

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