Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

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ryan_t New Member • Posts: 2
Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

I got just two T2i's - one from Amazon and one from Adorama. Both cameras have foggy zones near the bottom. Although this does not effect the output, it's been making me worried. I've included a photoshop'd image of what I'm seeing. Is this abnormal?

BAK Forum Pro • Posts: 24,533

IS everything else in the viewfinder sharp, except for the focus points?

If that is true, you've got a problem.

If the numbers and letters across the bottom of the viewfinder are also fuzzy, the camera is fine.

No need to buy new eyes, either.

Look for a little heel very close to the viewfinder. Move that wheel and the focus spots and the letters across the bottom will get sharp.


OP ryan_t New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Maybe

Thanks for replying. I think something is very wrong with both T2i's.

I just checked info numbers at the bottom and they're fine. The glow/halo are only visible around the red dots of the focus points. I haven't looked at images on my computer, but this is my first DSLR so I have no way to measure relative sharpness.

FWIW, both T2i's were like this. One from Amazon and one from Adorama; both arrived 3/23/2010. What do you think is the best way to handle this? I live in Los Angeles and about 1.5 hour drive to Canon's service center.

CJ123 Forum Member • Posts: 91
Re: Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

For what it's worth, mine looks the same. The "bottom" three and to a lesser extent the top center seem to have a "fog" around them. Not sure how it translates into camera performance.

I have had some shots that seemed out of focus to me in situations where I would have expected better. I haven't really spent any time on it though, it may as well have been the autofocus picking wrong, camera shake, depth of field, or a combination of all three. They were fast snapshots outdoors at high shutter speeds though where would have felt comfortable with the Xsi getting the shot.

I suspect I am nitpicking my new purchase at this point and really need to spend more time with it but I will watch these forums for similar feedback as it seems like there is some....

Tom Senior Member • Posts: 2,740
Re: Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

Looking at my XSi points, they look "similar" (but not quite as bad at the bottom three). The lower ones do have more "light/halo" around them. I wouldn't guess it's a problem unless you get consistently OOF pictures.

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Everdog Veteran Member • Posts: 4,837
Re: Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

Rather than worring about "foggy" focus zones, why don't you try taking some pictures and see what happens. Shouldn't you be more interested in the output of your camera? You can even try using each focus point individually!

Also, what is your diopter set at?

gerardt New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

Any luck with this problem ??? Having the same problem on my T2i. Returned my frist T2i because it had this and thought something was wrong. Just opened up my repacement and its on this one too.

MOD Olga Johnson Forum Pro • Posts: 24,360
I never noticed it before because...

...I only use center focus point, but mine has slight halos around those lower focal points. I'm not worried about it at all. Camera is perfect in all other aspects.

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PB PM Senior Member • Posts: 1,655
Re: Canon T2i's "foggy" focus zones/points. Is this normal?

I'm seeing this issue on my T2i as well. The three bottom points, the center point and top middle point have that foggy glow. AF seems to be working just fine though, so I doubt it is anything to worry about.
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coenocyte Regular Member • Posts: 395
I think it's across the T2i (see my sample)

Mine also has it. taken of T2i viewfinder using SD850 w/o flash. I wouldn't worry about this.

Bill Ko Senior Member • Posts: 1,138
Re: I think it's across the T2i (see my sample)

I'd say it's something to do with the quality of the focus screens, since the dots only reflect off of it. Despite the name, I don't believe the focusing screen has anything to do with autofocus.


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