Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

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Jeffrey Behr
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Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

I bought a new 1400; it arrived a week ago. I had a brochure-printing project that got interrupted when my general-purpose Canon died, so I got right to it. Initial prints looked great, but after maybe 15 sheets, paper started feeding inconsistently, and soon after NO paper of any type would feed. Called Epson Monday; after an hour, they decided the printer was dirty and said they'd send some printer-cleaning sheets (which arrived today, Friday). Meanwhile I researched my problem here and decided to clean the paper-feed rollers with alcohol. BINGO! the brochure paper fed correctly...for about 20 sheets. Cleaned the rollers again and this time fed no more of the brochure paper--Avery 8-1/2X11, matte-finish, trifold bright-white paper--thru it. Returned what was left to OfficeMax, who cheerfully issued a refund for 2 packages. Bought some 67-pound Wausau vellum paper and have printed more than 100 sheets without a hiccup.

I used 91% isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to swab the rollers; the alcohol evaporated so quickly I didn't have to dry them. The smaller, lower roller is spring-loaded and can be rotated with a long (CLEAN) tool like a small screwdriver so that its entire circumference can be cleaned. I rotated the printer most of the way around and did this from the left-rear corner.

So my advice is: 1. When your Epson printer starts NOT feeding paper, clean the 2 paper-feed rollers, and 2. do NOT use that Avery-brand brochure paper in your inkjet printers.

BTW I did print a few pics, on Epson premium luster paper, with EXCELLENT results, so I just ordered a big pack of that in 19X13"...and more ink.
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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

Yes - as you found - some papers have dusty surfaces, the dust from which gets transferred to the feed rollers - and in time muck up the general interior rollers and drive mechanisms. This is also especially a problem with laser printers. I have always (different makes) had to regularly clean the feed rollers during printing sessions using laser printers. The worse I found was the eco-friendly Kyocera range - I wnrt back to an older, far better and far more reliable OKI fairly quickly. BTW - the Kyocera had to be changed as it totally jammed after the first 15 copies from new. So much for believing "Test Reports" and recommendations in the press.

When mounting prints, many methods failed due surface dust on many mounting boards preventing good contact between the mounting material (e.g. dry mount tissue, spray mounts, adhesive sheets for pressure mounting, etc.). The worse boards were in fact the most archival, like Museum Board as one example.

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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

I've had similar problems with Staples Matte paper. An excellent paper but also deposits a fine coating of paper dust.
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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

I've had a 1400 for two and a half years and never had a problem with feed. I only use Epson and Ilford Pearl. Ilove the printer but will likely upgrade soon as the cost of ink makes a 3880 sound cheap.
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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

you also could upgrade your 1400 to pigmented inks with refillabel cartriges and matched inksets for your printer

here is an example,

CISS system with those tubes are rather hard to work with, but you could just use standart refillable cartriges and use pigemented ink.

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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

Thanks for the post Jeffery Behr, My Epson 1400 was having trouble running 100lb. cover and after cleaning the rollers with the l alcohol and Q-tips the printer is running great.

Thank you for your help

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