Leica M9 battery life...?

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OP Norwin Regular Member • Posts: 162
Re: It wasn't the battery after all...

Indeed, his M9 worked with his battery. And, it worked with my new battery.

The problem was not, as I previously wrote, the battery.

I so wish it was...



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Re: Battery problems ?

Based on reading this post....looks like we are number two in a ga'zillion! We are bummed. Haven't had the M9 for a week yet and can't seem to keep a battery charged while in the camera. It drains VERY quickly! There is only so much testing we can do with one battery. We have another battery arriving early next week. I sure hope it's the battery. I can't imagine how long it will take Leica to fix this problem is we have to send the camera in. We're still waiting for a 50mm F 1.4 that seems to be on infinite back order.

Thanks for this forum and everyones input. This has been very helpful.

OP Norwin Regular Member • Posts: 162
Re: Battery problem resolved..


Seems the problem I had wasn't the battery. It had to do with some chip or board within the camera itself.

The camera was returned to Leica. And, they had it back to me in a weeks time, working perfectly.

I only now wish, I had a Leica workshop available nearby so I could attend and decrease the learning time I find is now required of this photographer to grasp the difference between my Canon 5D II and the 'thinking man's camera, the rangefinder Leica M9.

Obviously, over the year or so since I first received the 5DII, I had become so comfortable with the ease of the 5DII, I had stopped 'thinking'...however, as owners of Leica' know, that's not an option.

I find myself now laughing stupidly at myself - when using the M9, as I need NOW remember it is not just about focus, and depressing the shutter button, it's NOW about aperature and ISO and everything including focus, which makes for a quality capture...

Ok, so where are the Leica workshops?

I sure would like to attend one...


FerozO New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Leica M9 battery life...?

Feroz Omar

Hi I am new to Leica. My M9 battery does not charge beyond 80% the orange light on my charger does not go off even after 15 hours in the charger. Battery lasts for 3 to 4 days. I haven't been shooting much due to the weather.

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Michael S.
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Re: Leica M9 battery life...?

Hi Norwin!

Norwin wrote:

Please, my new friends - advise with the experience you've had with your new Leica camera batteries...

Ok - with my very first charge of the M9 I do have, after made 300 shots, 25% left - according to the info-button, I don't know how trustworthy this is.

The X1-battery is emptied already after just 200 shots, quite lame for nowadays.

kind regards,
Michael S.
Austria/EUROPE; dpreview since 2001
(check equipment via profile)


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menos Senior Member • Posts: 1,438
Re: It wasn't the battery after all...

Before the M8.2, I mainly used a EPSON R-D1 (about 200 frames a charge).

I always had at least 3 batteries with me, on one day outings often 5, on a short weekend often all, I had.

I shoot the M8.2 with always 3 batteries with me.

I plan a trip back to Europe in a few weeks and try to get 2 more batteries (scarce in Shanghai at the moment).

Make sure, you exercise new batteries, as Leica describes in the manual (3-5 times fully depleting and charging in a row, then charging, as you can).

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Re: Leica M9 battery life...?

Something seems to be wrong. Yes, my M9 batteries run down fairly quickly, but not overnight. They usually last two full days of taking photos. I did buy a spare, but I am not unhappy with the battery life. (True, my M3 was superior in that respect--but I do find the M9 just as good as an image maker).

Greg Gebhardt
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Old Thread Revisited

There were some early M9 units that had a problem but the more recent units seem to be OK. My M9 does not get quite as good of battery life as my M8 but it is not that far from it.
Greg Gebhardt in
Jacksonville, Florida

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