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maverick01 Contributing Member • Posts: 770
Re: which noise reduction sw can plunin NX2?

Coraggio wrote:

My work flow is pretty rely on NX2, and its noise reduction is not so satisified due to loose many details. Any of the recommendation above that can plug-in for NX2?


I found that to be the problem with noise reduction software and NX raw workflow. Normally you should use NR at the beginning of your work flow. I never liked NX noise reduction and all the other ones are either standalones or Photoshop plug-ins. Therefore if your using NX or NX2 with a thrid party NR software, the workflow becomes alot heavier than what it could be.

I use Noiseware after comparing free evaluation versions of the usual suspects (Noise Ninja, Neat Image, Nik Define). I suggest you try them for yourself as I found that there's a degree of subjectivity in what we consider good NR.

BTW, at the time, I hadn't heard of Topaz Denoise. I'm trying it right now. So far, I found it to be pretty good. I think it beats Noiseware in most of the images I tried with it so far but the differences are mostly subtle and as others have said, processing time is noticeably longer and this on a i7 quad core machine with 12GB of memory.

PDavis Regular Member • Posts: 463
Re: noise removal software

BiscuitMonster wrote:

Since I've been trying out the Lightroom 3 beta, I really can't imagine ever bothering with external noise reduction software again. LR3 produces excellent results

Are you using the Mac LR3 beta? In the Windows version, the Luminance NR feature is not yet available (only Color is activated). I am very eager to test it though. I am trying Topaz 3 now and I see a big improvement over NoiseWare Pro. It somehow is able to simultaneously eliminate more noise and retain more detail. It does take longer (20 secs rather than 5 secs per shot).

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ian keith New Member • Posts: 4
Re: noise removal software

Another vote for Nik Dfine - relatively easy to add into a Lightroom based workflow and it does an excellent job on D300 raw files and Tiffs. Very useful to be able to apply noise removal either selectively or globally.

chuxter Forum Pro • Posts: 21,713
Re: noise removal software

marcus300 wrote:

Help wanted.

I'm looking to get a noise removal program and wondered which was best?

I'm aware of two such programs: Noise Ninja & Neat Image.

Those are the two "old" standards. Both work well, but IMO there are better ones now. I'm in agreement with Dez that Noiseware Pro is the best. But "best" can be quite subjective!

I use both a D40 and D200 if this makes any differance to which would work best with my cameras.

The camera should not be a factor.

All the various NR software work differently at the human interface. My opinion is that this is the biggest difference, ie, if you figure out how to use one of them, it will give you the best's not" like automobiles which have rather standard operator interfaces.

My advice is to download free trials of anything you are considering. Try them! I'll bet one will be so intuitive for you that the others won't be contenders anymore.

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scottisheagle Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Re: noise removal software

Noise Ninja has a useful feature of removing the noise reduction in areas where detail is seen to be effected .

I personally have impressed with DXO Pro in RAW files.



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teodorian2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,870
Re: TopazLabs Denoise

CaseyJ wrote:

I have tried them all, Neat Image, Noise Ninja, Picture Cooler, etc, and the only one I would pay for (and have paid for) is TopazLabs Denoise. Slow but the very best of the lot in my humble opinion.


Yes it´s the best in companion with the lesser known Boundary Noise Reduction.

The key factors for best NR results:

1) Use a dcraw based raw converter that gives you the best S/N ratio,

2) In the NR software: Keep the detail sliders at 100%,

3) Use surface masks or layer masking with brushing,

4) Be careful - watch out for losses of colour and detail and introduction of artefacts,

5) Combine with gentle sharpening using Topaz Detail, High-Pass Sharpening (radius 0,2 or 0,3) and Focal blade (edges).

If you want even better results you should learn to use Photoacute where you combine several images to one single file with lower amounts of noise and better detail.

OP marcus300 Regular Member • Posts: 238
Re: noise removal software

thanks for all the replys.

i sould have stated from the start, i don't shoot RAW only JPG files, does this make a big difference?


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digitalnoise Contributing Member • Posts: 868
Re: TopazLabs Denoise

I'm a recent convert to denoise. I'm getting better results than I did with noise ninja without a lot of diddling. The builtin noise reduction in capture nx does terrible things to the image and dfine just isn't very effective.

I use denoise set at suppress noise level 1 with everything else in the basic panel zeroed out and then perform my own sharpening in the next step separately.

It does take its time and can add its own interpretation of texture in high noise areas.

Nevertheless I almost feel like I've upgraded my d300 to a d3.

Would be nice to have denoise built into the camera but the 0.04 frames/sec or so shooting rate (even if the camera had a 3ghz dual core processor) would get tedious.

Coraggio Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: which noise reduction sw can plunin NX2?

Thanks for the sharing. Topaz denoise/ Noiseware seems very attracting.

yes I shoot and process in raw all the time. which of the 3rd party software can deal with raw(NEF)? Topaz denoise/ Noiseware? Or I hve to conver to JPG to run it?

Ho72 Senior Member • Posts: 1,821
Re: which noise reduction sw can plunin NX2?

Assuming you have a host program such as Photoshop for Denoise (or any other plugin type software) the noise reduction will work on any file Photoshop can open. For RAW files, that means first bringing them into PS via Adobe Camera Raw or ACR. From there, you treat your RAW files like any other image.

Topaz Denoise can do wonders for some images, but it can also produce some rather noticeable and bizarre artifacts if you aren't careful.

Coraggio Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: which noise reduction sw can plunin NX2?

Ho72 wrote:

Assuming you have a host program such as Photoshop for Denoise (or any other plugin type software) the noise reduction will work on any file Photoshop can open. For RAW files, that means first bringing them into PS via Adobe Camera Raw or ACR. From there, you treat your RAW files like any other image.

Topaz Denoise can do wonders for some images, but it can also produce some rather noticeable and bizarre artifacts if you aren't careful.

Can it be a plug-in for Capture NX2? Thanks.

Y Burger New Member • Posts: 9
Re: noise removal software

Not really, all software I know supports JPEG. Just make sure you do all your NR post camera.

Cheers, Y.
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digitalnoise Contributing Member • Posts: 868
Re: noise removal software

Topaz denoise works in conjunction with photoshop, aperture, iphoto and lightroom.

(Shoot raw and once processed into a host application use psd or tif to move between other applications as needed.)

Coraggio Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: noise removal software

I see.
As a raw NX2 user, seems only can use it after converted to JPG.

Thanks for the clarification.

wish you all enjoy taking pic and happy new year ~

Osvaldo Cristo
Osvaldo Cristo Veteran Member • Posts: 4,347
What if no noise removal plug-in?

The typical workflow for noise removal (or reduction) will apply one filter as soon as possible to the image - usually it means at the first stage when you open your image into an application like Adobe Photoshop. The image will be at RGB format, usually.

One forgot thing is that image has a lot of avoidable noise. As most cameras have a Bayer mosaic image sensor, it means each RGB pixel has only one actual color component and the other two are calculated over the neigbour pixels, introducing as well their noise!

The best noise removal or reduction is made into the original raw image, before the demosaicing. Most of raw converter will do that. Nikon Capture NX2 and DxO make it, but I think Adobe Camera RAW and most of raw converter providers will do that also.

From my tests, DxO is the leader in the pack for noise removal. Usually I do not need any additional noise removal when processing the file into Photoshop - if needed I have Noise Ninja where I set their parammeters to fit the specific needs of the image.

Bottom line: shot raw and consider noise removal at the development stage.


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cpmavrick Forum Member • Posts: 80
Re: What if no noise removal plug-in?

I have Noise Ninja but I also have and use Imagenomic Noisewear Pro 4.0..and yes you can specify custom image regions to be analyzed independant of the whole image.

tim mcgloin New Member • Posts: 18
Re: noise removal software

I am using Noisewar 4, you can download it for $45.00, and once you get familiar with the nuances, it does a very good job. For a little more, you can get Noiseware Pro.

RafaelD7 Senior Member • Posts: 2,027
Dfine 2.0 works very well, gives you a lot of control (nt)
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Pete Holzmann Regular Member • Posts: 352
Re: Photoshop

Just filling in some blanks on this very informative thread...

Neat Image comes in several flavors. The "pro" version includes a Photoshop plugin. It also operates on 48 bit color images (ie full depth raw TIFF files or files opened in PS.)

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Merlinator Regular Member • Posts: 112
Re: TopazLabs Denoise

Can you explain how to make a surface mask and how to use it. I normally use a quick mask to get rid of the noise where it is not needed. If a surface mask does this I would like to know how to use it.

Also, if you use Photoshop and any of the compatible NR plugins, it's pretty easy to use a surface mask and that's a great way to protect detail whilst taking the noise out of skies and other smooth surfaces.

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