New dad seeking advice on lenses.

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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

So what do you think the budget is? $600? $1000? more or less?

At $600, I would probably go kit lens + 430EX flash (with diffuser) +50 1.8 - will keep you under $600.

At $1000 I would go kit lens + 430EX (with diffuser) + 70-200 f/4 non IS+ 85 1.8.

Just my 2c.

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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

I think kit lenses are good value to consider, 18-55IS & 55-250 IS. I definitely recommend second one as an option to 70-300IS due to its size and value. I have both and I can see that 55-250 is selling around $200 as a refurbished or in Craigslist. For low light Sigma 30 f/1.4 might be an option for a crop camera esp indoors. Also I bought a used Sigma 24-60mm f/2.8 for $160 from ebay since the kit lenses were too slow for indoor shooting and I found the zoom range better for portraits. Other f/2.8 zoom lenses from Tamron/Sigma/Tokina might be a better option than the 17-85mm.

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Re: 2 lenses

arty H wrote:

The 50f1.4 is not too long indoors, but may have too narrow a field of view for a young and rapidly moving child.

Yes, this exactly. Little kids don't seem to stop moving very often!

I am very curious about the 35.


Dredman Regular Member • Posts: 297
Re: more advice!

I can't support the business of pawn shops, as they exploit the poor and desperate, and in my experience don't usually provide a significant savings when comparing comparable quality.

anyway... it sounds like this Dad has a reasonable budget for this...


Dredman Regular Member • Posts: 297
Re: 2 lenses

This is way to complex... if you are primarily looking at indoor shots of active kids, you only need one lens:

17-50mm f/2.8

there are versions from Canon, Tamron, Sigma, all with IS (or equivalent). Chose your preference, consider $$, size, weight. All are sharp, all have good IS.

One camera and one lens that is fast and flexible... all you need for now.


Dredman Regular Member • Posts: 297
Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

The kit lens is to slow for indoor shots... and if you get a constant f/2.8 then you won't need the flash.


arty H Senior Member • Posts: 1,423
Re: 2 lenses

The 35f2 is good wide open, and very sharp at f2.2. It works great for close portraits indoors with available light. The focal length is very useful - it is like a slightly long normal lens for film.

It has very fast focus. The focus mechanism is not the latest, but it works very well.

I have other sharp lenses, and there is no lack in this area.

The only possible downside is that highlights in the bokeh is going to be in the shape of pentagrams when stopped down. You get nice round highlights at wider apertures, say f2 to f2.5.

I find it a good focal length for indoor shots, and it is worth more than the price I paid for it.

OP Mognar New Member • Posts: 7
Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

I wanted to say thank you again for everyone's advice and time.
I finally made a decision and purchased the T1i and an EF-S17-55 f/2.8 lense.

I'm hoping the lense will cover most of my shooting needs and as I grow into the camera and become more experienced with it, If needed I can look into expanding and picking up a prime.

I'm really excited and looking forward to it

Below is a shot of a my daughter with a point and shoot... I can't wait to see what my shots look like in 6 months time.

Thanks again and Happy Holiday's to you and yours!


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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

Very cute.

I think you made a good decision.

I have the 17-85 and am thinking of upgrading it to the 17-55 2.8 IS. I should have bought the better lens to begin with... buy right, buy once!

Stephen Christie
Stephen Christie Senior Member • Posts: 1,614
VIP about in home child lighting

Do you have this planned and nailed?

if not then I'll recommend this article.

IT helped me bridge the gaps I needed when my kids were born and I didn’t know how to get what I wanted from lighting. I've expanded from this article a lot over time but it got me started right.

This two flash wireless setup is exactly what I want, but needed to see a good example of it to know how I could pull it off too.

Stephen Christie
Stephen Christie Senior Member • Posts: 1,614
Blue Pill (reprise)

I shoot mostly indoor candid photos of friends and family and
also some outdoor family and wildlife and few landscapes.
I thought I needed Wide F lenses to avoid flash, but rarely liked the results.

But now I discovered to use wireless flash and f/4 lenses with great results.
Here is an example:

From previous post:

I thought I needed Wide F lenses to avoid flash, but rarely liked the results.
Now I use flash and f/4 lenses with great results wirelessly with diffuser.

I've bought and sold quite a few lenses since I started getting into it.

I started all expensive L primes, and then switched to the most expensive L zooms.

Then sold them for the cheaper but nice L zooms +1 prime backup and I am finally happy. The lenses I have now cover the full range I need and are very sharp and very light weight.

Canon 5D
24-105 f/4L IS (or choose Tamron 28-75 2.8 $300 instead of 24-70L $1300)
70-200 f/4L IS and 2x tele Kenko teleconverter
35L 1.4 (just in case need wide F - or 50 1.2).
and Two 580 EX II + ST-E2

Bought and Replaced these with 3 lens:
100L Macro IS

I found that F/2.8 and f/1.4 lenses are less useful to me as I generally am shooting near F4 - F/8 to keep more of the subject in focus. I don’t want to fight for AF to be perfect and maybe get the ears not eyes in the focus plane at f/2. It is for this reason, I love all my F/8 portraits, and I do not like most of my f/1.4 portraits.

The f/8 photo I can enlarge to 52" and look perfectly in focus where the same photo I took at f/1.4 looks off focus at any size.

The extra length and weight of the 24-70 vs 24-105 was not worth the f stop of gain, and the 105 reach is great for me to have.

If money was tighter, I’d get the Tamron 28-75 2.8 instead since it’s $400 and light and very sharp, and the AF works very well on it. I only got the 24-105 since I really wanted the 105 reach. My 24-70L always left me wanting to zoom in a little more. *

Times are a little tough now so I bought the non IS version 70-200 f/4L since it's only $500 for the sharpest white zoom canon makes! If I had the cash to blow for real, I’d get IS just as a luxury. *

I use diffused flash as often as I can so I can go with F/8 to keep more in focus and get well exposed photos. At a wedding I think you would want to do the same.

Now, I can actually carry the 5D + 24-105 with me instead of only taking my P&S pocket camera out with me.

I can keep my 70-200 f/4 + 2x tele in a 2nd shoulder bag too since its small and light weight at 700 grams.


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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

Good decision - I had 10-20, 17-85, 50 f1/8, 70-300IS ......... and upgraded my 17-85 to a 17-55IS ........ with our 4 month old, the 17-55 lives on the camera - very versitile, very good image quality and fast. I gave the 50mm away to my brother who lacked a fast lens- I never used it once I had the 17-55 (the 50 needed to be stopped down to f2.8

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