Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

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HK photographer Regular Member • Posts: 461
Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

would you guys suggest as a STAND ALONE option for Sony A900 that would not damage as much detail as the software supplied by Sony (or you would like to suggest any software that would be able to do the job together with every thing else).

jimrpdx Veteran Member • Posts: 3,644
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

I tried the demo versions of several and did not see much difference among them. NeatImage does fine work for me, and later I added a few more $$ for the plugin to work with Elements. Each of the NR websites makes claims to be the very best, and I have not seen any detailed comparisons to prove any claims; like so many types of software, you'll probably find that some images will look slightly better or worse with a given program. Others here like NoiseNinja and Noiseware software as well, and I'm sure that several others have appeared since I made my purchase.

Using the demos is your best bet, you can try the interface and decide if one of them works better for you.

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KEITH-C Forum Pro • Posts: 14,131
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Try Topaz denoise 3 - it is slow but works very well.

Stephen Carpenter Contributing Member • Posts: 629
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Topaz is a PhotoShop plugin so isn't standalone.

Noiseware does a good job and the community edition is free.

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RichV Veteran Member • Posts: 6,178
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

You could try Picture Cooler - it's free, and there are also links on this page to a comparison (I don't know how old it is; I didn't have the time to follow up):

http: denoiser.shorturl.com/ (get rid of the space after http: - DPR blocked it, otherwise)

I'm sorry I can't give a hearty recommendation, but I use a plug-in.

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Jb502 Contributing Member • Posts: 517
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

topaz denoise is the best

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OP HK photographer Regular Member • Posts: 461
2 people suggested Topaz

which I've never heard of but I do not use Phoshop. The noise reduction in my Capture NX is terrible. A lot of detail is destroyed even set at very low level.

Lots of names haven't heard of here and I'll give them a try if they have on line trial edition

Mister Mike Regular Member • Posts: 328
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

I downloaded the free versions of several and found the final results about the same. But some seemed to take a lot more work. I purchased Noiseware because it was easier to use.

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Stephen Carpenter Contributing Member • Posts: 629
Re: 2 people suggested Topaz

I'd not heard of it either so I installed it and now it's uninstalled. Too slow and some serious problems in highlight areas.

Best results I've had are with LightRoom3+noiseware, better than DXO6 or Bibble5.

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Gary Waugh Senior Member • Posts: 1,757
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Topaz works with Irfanview, which is freeware for windows.

I like the results from Noise Ninja.

Stephen Carpenter wrote:

Topaz is a PhotoShop plugin so isn't standalone.

Noiseware does a good job and the community edition is free.

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GuyMcKie Contributing Member • Posts: 618
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

The free version of Topaz is very slow, but the payed version not.

Another good noise reduction plugin is the Boundary Noise reduction. The free version is already very usable and fast.

Both plugins can be used with the Gimp, with a ps-filter plugin for the Gimp.

I gues that both plugins are working with irfanview to.

There is a good free nr action from "thelightsright", TLR Digital Noise Reduction.

The action can be used with the most nr plugins. It creates two layers with a mask.
This allows to tune the nr ( more for the shadows, and less for the high tones).


gillbod Senior Member • Posts: 1,598
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

i've heard many good things about lightroom 3. maybe it's best holding out for a few more months, if you can?

if not, have a dabble with their beta version, assuming it's still available.

personally, i'm happy with noise ninja.

Dennis Forum Pro • Posts: 18,793
Good luck

I use Noise Ninja, but since getting the A700, rarely use it for DSLR files. (I use it for high ISO shots with my compact). With Lightroom 2, default NR, I'm content with the luminance noise that remains in my pictures and typically prefer it to the loss of fine textural detail that I got with NR. If I tweak NR settings enough to avoid losing much detail, I also don't get much NR benefit. I tried one other NR program (and read reviews) before settling on NN. Right now, Topaz seems to have something interesting, but OTOH, Lightroom 3 promises noticably better NR than Lightroom 2.

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tompower53 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,261
LightRoom is a very good solution

for your whole PP program. It is so superior, IMO, to the Sony software that they are just in different leagues.

I believe if you buy 2.5 now you will get a free upgrade to 3.0 which supposedly treats Sony ARW much better, not that 2.5 does not already do a pretty good job.

You can download a free trial for it from the Adobe site but beware - after using IDC if you try LR you will almost certainly buy it once you are familiar with it.

Free 60 day trial by the way and downloads and installs easily in minutes if you have a high speed connection. Once I started to figure it out it totally changed my out look on PP which I used to absolutely hate.

From a LightRoom "fanboy" as you can tell.
tom power

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GrJohnso Contributing Member • Posts: 539

Honestly, most of the time just printing out the image takes care of any perceived noise for me... Shooting a700, v1.04, NR-off...

However, if I do need something, I've generally used Neat Image with acceptable results. Sometimes you have to play around a bit with it, but generally it's pretty good...

I'll have to give some of the others mentioned above a shot... Always room for improvement in one way or another...

And I'll second the motion on LR... I use Sony IDC for quick and dirty raw conversions, and if the image isn't overly demanding, it does just fine. However, my best results are with LR v2.5 95% of the time... Just now tinkering with v3.0... Hope they give a fair upgrade price from v2.5 when the time comes... Looks nice!

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GaryMiller1951 Contributing Member • Posts: 558
Re: LightRoom is a very good solution

I'll second the high marks given here for Lightroom 3.0, the new beta version. The NR is a very natural tight grain with very good detail retention. This will be a great choice especially if you are looking for an all purpose PP solution. I would not have said this at all about LR 2.5 but the improvements on Noise Reduction and Sharpening in 3.0 are truly impressive and they haven't even enabled the Luma NR in the beta.

Download and try the beta for free now and you should be able to run it at no cost until the new release is ready (April may be in the fine print). If you buy LR 2.5 too early you may not get a free upgrade though. Adobe's usual policy is within 30 days of release for free upgrades as I recall.

JasperD Senior Member • Posts: 2,662
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Nobody´s quoting NIK´s DFine... Why is that? Something wrong?

I have been trying it and like it alot, it seems to produce quite a nice result. In fact, so much pleased I´m about to purchase it. True, I have only a very limited testset, shot on purpose: a hundred red/black pictures at a company dancing with dress code in these colors producing huge noise even at low iso.

Gary Baker Senior Member • Posts: 1,289
Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?

Topaz Denoise also works with other PhotoShop software like Elements. It is slow but works quite well. Get a trial version here:


OP HK photographer Regular Member • Posts: 461

It looks like I should change my policy bu looking seriously at LR and change my whole work flow.

In fact, as I shoot more and more with large file of A900, the original workflow is not keeping up. It has been my intention for a few month to consider quicker workflow like the LR. Besides, it is not expensive and value/cost ratio is excellent.

I tried to look at Noiseware web site for attempted free downloading - well, I was scared by the possible "irregularities" in those web sites.

OP HK photographer Regular Member • Posts: 461

is not common amongst us?

SO many other names appeared in this thread that I have not heard before (I guess it would be the same for other people, right?!)

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