Problem with Nikon's service department

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Problem with Nikon's service department


Maybe some of You could help with Nikon’s service, we’ve got a huge problem in Poland. We can’t write to the management of Nikon in Poland because they don’t listen us and this situation is not new. Do You know who is supervisor of all service departments or quality control (e-mail, adress)?

People are frustrated and that’s way they created this site (the site is now translated into english, you can read now about a few cases): - FAQ, what is the goal - translated cases

But You can also use to understand another articles.

People are annoyed because they’re waiting on their equipment 1-2 months or pay more than for exapmple in UK. That’s way some users strated to service equipment abroad!
They’re sending lenses or cameras in Berlin or in UK (Fixation).

One of users had broken Nikkor 24-70/2.8. In Poland our service said that total cost of reparation will be almost 1410 $ , so he sent it to Fixation where he paid 185 $ (diagnosis was the same in two services), you can read abot this case here: or

People very often have no answer from polish service – they don’t respond frequently on e-mails or telephones or said “the lens will be repaired in next week”, than in next week and so on…. Just no contact.

The most known photography portals in Poland wrote articles about this problem: - here is the official answer from Nikon Poland where thay said that will create on their site “new function” where you can complaint on their activities. But this won’t speed up serivice’s work and we don’t belive it will be better until somedody from the global management won’t hear about low level quality of service!

Big photography portal will carry out an incognito actions and they will be sending a broken equipment to services in our country:

Here are another articles – you can see this is serious problem:

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

Same in Canada - I "gave" them my D80 for minor cleaning and "reactivation" of pixels - 3-4 weeks minimum they told me. Called them two days ago - and they seem to think that I dropped of my camera a week later then receipt says.

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

Ok, I can agree with this opinion, but there are some places (If You would read all topics on or ) like Germany or United Kingdom (especially multi-brand service) where people don't wait very long to estimate time or cost of repair and repair takes aproximately 1 week.

That's why people from Poland started to service in Fixation.

Also we can say "there is no solution" but if standard customer (who is not a fanatic, he use only "P" and don't know what is system) hear about Nikon's service on forums, photography portals will he change his choice into Canon, Sony etc.

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department
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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

From what I read, Nikon does not put appropriate emphasis on service in Poland. Whether they farm out an agency that will handle warranty issues, the point is that no one seem to be looking over what's going on there. I mean, it's totally unacceptable for someone to wait 7 months for their camera to be repaired. I think Nikon-Europe should be notified, insisting that change for the better takes place. Well, either that or there will be a stampede at another direction. Shouldn't Nikon-Japan-Hqtrs be notified ? I'd love to ask the honchos at the top which instrument of self-destruction do they prefer ?

Then again, our service in El Segundo (in US) hasn't been stellar either....but that's another subject.


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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

here's my story with Nikon in US:

  • Nikon lens bought in Japan

Hi, yesterday, I dropped my Nikon lens at your service department in El Segundo, Los Angeles. Let me say this first, I'm not interested in warranty and I wanna pay all the money whatever it costs.

They asked me for proof of purchase of my lens since it wasn't bought in US.

I wanted to make sure and called your 1-800 service number. They told me the same thing.

I still cannot believe it so I'm asking it again. Can you or can you not really repair my Nikon lens which was bought in Japan if I cannot show you the receipt?

Think about this: Let's say, I'm a professional photographer and I'm traveling the world. One day, in one country, something happened to one of my Nikon equipment. So you are literally saying me that I need to carry with me all my receipts for all my Nikon equipment in order to have them repaired in a Nikon service. Is it true or not? Oh, in addition, I need to keep my receipts for years, right? For example, I bought this lens 4 years ago.

If that's true, unfortunately I'm selling all my Nikon and I'm really switching to other brand (it's Canon) which I have heard for a long time that they are really good at service. I called hem also and they're not asking any receipt from me.

They were very quick in reply. Though the reply doesn't answer my question,
and their gray market problem is none of my business:
In this particular case, we require a sales receipt showing that the lens was
purchased in the country it was intended for sale. This will confirm that the
lens is not gray market which means a product that was intended for sale
outside the USA but sold by a vendor in the USA. Nikon does not service gray
market products , not even for a fee. Therefore, we require a sales receipt
confirming when and where the purchase was made.

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

In a forum of, someone suggested me to check Nikon Authorized Repair stations. So these stations are generally ok with repairing Nikon products without asking receipts:

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

One of Nikon's user wrote letter to President of Nikon Corporation, Michio Kariya:

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

For every bad story, there's a good one.

A very noticeable dust spec appeared on the inside of the lens on my P6000 recently. Annoying, but still under warranty. I sent it to Nikon on a Monday. They received it on a Thursday. It was fixed by the following Monday, shipped back on Tuesday, received on Friday. Perfect fix, no charge.

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Re: Problem with Nikon's service department

I sure wish I had a good experience with Nikon repair. I sent the battery from my new D90 to Nikon because it would not hold a charge. It would discharge to zero OUT of the camera after a few days. They had it for about 50 days and sent the same battery back. Same problem and now it would not charge at all. Put it in the charger and after 45-60 seconds the light would just go out. Nikon wanted me to send my D90 in with the battery. I explained that I have other batteries that work fine in the charger and in the camera. It's the BATTERY! I haven't had to deal with this kind of bad service since I retired from Verizon! LOL Well they've had the battery for about a week now. I'm NOT expecting much, sadly.

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