When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

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neroangelo Contributing Member • Posts: 841
Panasonic GF1 with 20 f1.7

I bought one a couple of weeks ago and have used it at band gigs and have just shot some video footage for a single. It's a great wee camera that I can just slip in my jacket pocket. ISO upto and including 1600 is on par with the 40d...in fact...I prefer the grain on the GF1, it's more film like.

Shooting RAW I don't see much difference as regards to D.R.

The GF1 AF can't keep up with the Canon DSLR's however but I think that helps you to slow down a bit. learn MF and take less shots.

It definitely is a camera that you feel you can take anywhere you would feel the DSLR is too much to lug around.

Hope this helps.....

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kgirls Regular Member • Posts: 390
Canon T1i with kit lens

My wife's Canon T1i with kit lens is very small and light and great for light travel.

I barely notice the camera on my shoulder at all after lugging my 1D Mk III around.

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bluefox9er Senior Member • Posts: 1,881
Re: When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

Crimguy wrote:

What do you guys have when you don't want to use your 1DS? When your 5D feels too heavy? WHen you want light weight yet still shoot RAW files? You have a Rebel, or something else?

Asked out of curiosity. I have 5D and with the L lenses it gets pretty heavy at times.

when the going gets heavy, I use my 5d...


Andreas Helke Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
Re: When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

If money was no object I would add the Panasonic LX3 and one of the Panasonic 10 to 15x superzoom P&S cameras to my equipment. But I would do no low light photography with those cameras. And try to avoid high contrast landscapes.

As it is now I use the 350D with the 18-55 kit lens if I don´t expect to use the camera much. Otherwise I put the 350D with the 17-55 f2.8IS and 50 f1.8 in a small and light unpadded bag. Or the same bag with the 5D, 28-135 IS and 50 f1.8.

timpdx Senior Member • Posts: 1,500
Re: When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

E-P1. I would really like to go with the GF1, but the collapsable 14-45 and in body IS keep me with the Oly. Its a nice little cam.

wolfpuppies3 Senior Member • Posts: 1,747

That was easy.
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Bills nature photo Regular Member • Posts: 377
Re: Canon S90

Surprisingly good

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JFScheck Regular Member • Posts: 222
Re: When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

I use my G10 and now my G11 - Raw files and built in flash with a good enough lens...

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zoooming Senior Member • Posts: 2,746
Re: When you don't want to lug around your main camera?

The G10 - it puts a whole lot of fun back into taking casual snaps.

I even tried a couple of team photos with the 580EX II flash mounted on it (the flash was bigger than the camera!) - with surprisingly good/sharp results.

If you're looking for one now it may pay to try the G11 (better in low light).

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lespurgeon Senior Member • Posts: 1,190
Rebel XT

with a 24 or 50mm prime.

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