Very tempted to buy the G11

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mike bustad Forum Pro • Posts: 10,220
Very tempted to buy the G11
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It looks like a great camera. I have a lens I am going to sell soon and my plan was to buy a mid range zoom of some kind. Just maybe this might be a better bet and it looks like it might be out this coming week so I am watching closely here to help me decide.
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Re: Very tempted to buy the G11

I'm with you on this one Mike, very tempted too. The IQ on my A640 is very good, but it doesn't have IS which I really want/need, or raw, I assume the G11 will be even better, it has lower pixel density, and really has about every feature a DSLR has in a smaller package and what is really handy is the built in Neutral Density Filter among all the other things. It is really tempting, so much that if it was in stock today, I'd buy one.

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Re: Very tempted to buy the G11

i am with you all..Everything i read about it so far has convinced me to buy one. In this stage of my life, I hate hauling around my DSLR and lenses. Rather have a first rate P&S to take..I already have a Pansonic TZ-5 which is a fun camera. I really want a camera with a viewfinder when that sun is just too strong, and a camera I can manipulate manually..The G11 looks like it fits the bill for me!

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Les Lammers
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Re: Very tempted to buy the G11

I am in Florida and use the G10 VF often. I will not have a P&S w/o one. An imperfect one is better tha none at all.

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