G11 samples are available at DPR

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Mmm mmm, these samples are yummy for such a small (and sleek looking) camera, bye bye LX3, S90 here I come. Not saying I have an LX3, but I have been considering it for a while now and was very close to buying one... not anymore, Canon has snatched me right from Panasonic's jaws, so to speak.

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F31fd Same Clock tower

Here is the same clock tower next to the National Gallery snapped with a Fuji F31fd

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James Bligh Senior Member • Posts: 2,381
what is low light mode for?

helimech wrote:

James Bligh wrote:
See the trees across river in 42nd photo. See the boats too.

IF you seriously expected detail in the trees at that distance you are going to be seriously disappointed in anything sub 20MP

I guess it is due to the limitation of small size senor, rather than low MP counts.

So then why is there ISO 3200 notch in G11's ISO dial?

This is your argument?? Because it can be used for downsized pictures and in certain situations may be the only way to get a picture. So if its a selectable option then it should be perfectly usable in all circumstances?

If you will downsize ISO 3200 images what is low light mode for? I read it provides low resolution image from ISO 320 to ISO 12800.

I expected a decent ISO 800 which you can use with confidence.

Confidence in what? Being able to print poster size?? Out of the few samples available it looks perfectly usuable for at least 5x7 prints and probably 8x10's, but we will see.

I mean in its native resolution.

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Re: Images are only ok from G11 they are not stunning!

Just from my viewpoint and from what I look at regarding the sample is that the color is flat and borish; there is trouble with overblown highlights. I expected to be very excited with the samples, but they just don't have the sparkle/POP and clarity of the LX3. Though the noise on the LX3 is much worse at high ISO's.

I can't wait until the review and more images from users. Until then I will wait a month more until buying a new pocket cam.

I do own the Canon slr system and have 2 other P&S from Canon, just so you know that I am not throwing stones and it's only a/my honest opinion. Hey if you like it then ROCK ON! I don't believe in brands only quality and reliablity.
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theranman Veteran Member • Posts: 4,228
Re: Images are only ok from G11 they are not stunning!

Perhaps it's possible that the "vivid" setting might please you more?

moris Senior Member • Posts: 1,332
Samples look very good

High ISO samples look very clean and good to me. I think with slight PP, sharpening they will all become great photos.

G11 looks a very capable camera with the right size (compared to DSLR and m43 cameras+lens), swivel LCD, clean higher ISO and all the other features.


Stephenbw Senior Member • Posts: 2,515
Re: Optical zoom in movies? I think it does...

Lars Rehm wrote:

Well, I can confirm that in movie mode only digital zoom is available (if it activated in the menu).
Lars Rehm, dpreview.com

Well that is disappointing and somewhat confusing given this from the http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/product/cameras/powershot_g11.do#container

[2] Digital zoom available for still image and standard movie modes only. Optical zoom may not be available during movie recording.

I have emailed Canon for clarification as 'may not be available' suggests that in some circumstances it may be.

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Re: Samples look very good

I can't imagine why these samples from the S90 and G11 are not better and sharper. Will wait for raw.

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Djordje Jevtovic
Djordje Jevtovic Senior Member • Posts: 2,381
Re: Samples look very good

Those samples looks very good. Combine G11 and 270EX and very good 400 ASA and You can great lightweight combo for praties. I was thinking about GF1, but now G11 seem more reasonable option.

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Re: G11 samples are available at DPR

Master Yoda wrote:

Actually, I now like the images from the S90 even more! This sample gallery is definitely going to sell more S90's than G11's.

Strongly agree!

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