What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Mark K
Mark K Veteran Member • Posts: 6,189
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

400/4.5 G SSM
500/4 G SSM
600/4 G SSM
70-210/4 G SSM
200/4 G SSM macro
24/1.4 G SSM

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OP cgarrard Forum Pro • Posts: 15,555
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

Surely a great classic camera that is very popular with owners (like me), yet its just unfortunate there weren't enough of those owners to persuade keeping development of that camera (or a successor). Therefore, we have Alpha.

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Asher Regular Member • Posts: 246
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

24-105mm f4 with SSM

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gipper51 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,756
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

In a perfect world where I was rich I would be asking for all the super exotic stuff. In the real world here is what would ideally be in my lens arsenal (for APS-C cameras only):

9-16mm f4 under $800
16-55mm f2.8 under $800
50-150mm f2.8 under $1K.
70-400G (current model). I'd rarely use this lens but would be nice to have

Primes, all under $500 each if possible
12mm f4
35 f1.8
70 f1.8

Full frame cameras are the dream of many here but if Sony produced all of these lenses for APS-C I could be very happy on a crop sensor camera for a loooooong time.
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WaltKnapp Forum Pro • Posts: 13,857
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

Expand the line rather than duplicating focal lengths already available.

A 70-600 G lens would be nice but probably unaffordable.

But the one I most want to see is a macro lens. Approximately the same as the Canon MP-E 65, which goes from 1:1 macro to 5x macro. This is a much better design than the 1x-3x that Minolta had.


WaltKnapp Forum Pro • Posts: 13,857
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

Cetonid wrote:

Yeah, I'm partial to macro and wildlife and zooms are more versatile.

Why stop macro at 1:1, see my suggestion.


liquid stereo
liquid stereo Veteran Member • Posts: 7,270
Ditto - 400/4 (nt)
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Henry Richardson Forum Pro • Posts: 15,663
600mm f4 T/S

I keep waiting for a tilt/shift 600mm f4. I will never be able to take a good photo until I have the RIGHT gear.

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Henry Richardson

Ehrik Veteran Member • Posts: 8,014
OT on forum formatting

OldScotch wrote:

A 35mm prime or a 70-200ish 4 would be nice too.

edit - Who decided slashes would be good code for italics on a photography forum?

I think I may be guilty of having influenced that decision, but I had a stricter syntax in mind: matching pairs of slashes on the same line with spaces on the outside and no spaces on the inside. /like this/

That would, I feel, eliminate 99% of the mistaken formatting. If you had written 70-200ish/4, without a space, there would have been no problem even with DPR's IMO too liberal syntax.

If they placed the Post button below the preview box, people would be more likely to catch format errors.

glasshoper Forum Member • Posts: 58
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

35mm 2.0 or 1.8 for APS arround 200-250/usd (although this is less likely given the soon to be introduced 30/2.8M)

16-80mm CZ reingineered to be faster (abd bigger, 72mm filter thread?) and built like the zuiko 12-60 would be great. (although again, not really a posiblity as sony abandoned the 72mm and they are not into building solid).
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CatStevens11 Contributing Member • Posts: 932
Re: What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

24-105/4 G SSM,


Phixel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,777
Re: None

Edward Karaa wrote:

Both of my non G 50/1.4 and 100/2.8 lenses are not so bad.

If you read my post carefully, you will see that I was referring to APS-C lenses only and not the Sony full frame lenses.

Phixel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,777
Re: None

plesbit wrote:

Phixel wrote:

and none. The Sony lenses made only for APS-C just don't have the value and quality I expect and need in a lens, and I don't think that will change because Sony is unfortuately married to Tamron with their lousy in-lens motors and poor build quality. Sony have some nice (and expensive) lenses for full frame cameras, but their APS-C line is inferior compared to others in terms of value, IQ and build quality.

That's just nonsense. Sorry but it is. The 16-80 ZA is probably the best APS-C lens in existence, at least in terms of IQ.

Maybe, but it is not consistent in the zoom range. It has some bad spots.

I'll agree the build is not up to its Nikon counterpart but it is with its Canon one.

If you think the 16-80 ZA is worth the price for good optics and poor build design/quality than good luck with that. According to the manager of my local SonyStyle store the 16-80 ZA has the highest percentage of them returned lens than any other lenses. He also said the only place to get them fixed properly is in Japan (lucky Japanesse!).

I'll also agree on the price front - both it and the 16-105 are priced far higher than they should be. The 16-105 also lacks nothing in terms of IQ, or even build, compared to its peers. It's only shortcoming is its price.

It is not as good as the Nikon Nikon 18-105 and costs more.

The 18-250 is just about the best around - okay maybe the new Sigma has a slight IQ edge but here the tables are reversed and its the Sigma which is priced highly whereas the Sony is the cheaper alternative.

Not true, the Sigma is not just $50 less than the Sony, but is better built, has HSM, and OIS as well!
Sigma 18-250: $529
Sony 18-250: $579
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William Curtindale
William Curtindale Veteran Member • Posts: 8,200
Re: FF 24-135mm (with wide open constant aperture)

ephankim wrote:

William Curtindale wrote:

I would like to see a 24-135mm G or CZ with a very wide open constant aperture (say between 2.8 and 3.5). This would be a replacement for the Minolta 28-135.

I'm afraid such a lens would be too large.
A 28-135/4 would already be a great lens.

Yes, a 24-135mm f/(something wide open) would be larger than my Minolta 28-135mm.

But I expect it would be smaller than my 70-400mm G or 70-200mm f/2.8 G. Yes, there are many compromises when we are asking for a quality lens with large zoom range and a wide open aperture (the question was what would I like for a new lens - that's it - yes I can tolerate some what larger and some what exspensive).

Nordstjernen Veteran Member • Posts: 6,876
Re: 600mm f4 T/S

Lol! I want variable curvature too, so I can get the whole bird in focus when photographing from close distance. This, in combination with T/S, will make the 600 mm f:4 a winner!

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jamesdak Veteran Member • Posts: 4,827
Re: 600mm f4 T/S

Nordstjernen wrote:

Lol! I want variable curvature too, so I can get the whole bird in focus when photographing from close distance. This, in combination with T/S, will make the 600 mm f:4 a winner!

Count me in too!!
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zxaar Veteran Member • Posts: 4,299
Re: a reasonably priced 50mm f1.2 or faster would do.

yaa this reasonably priced thing is bone of contention, pentax version is around 700 dollars where as canon's L is 1500 dollars.

Canon can autofocus and has L written on it (and physically its huge), where as
pentax one is pretty compact for f1.2 but only manual focus.

wide open both are almost equal in iq, may be canon has little bit more resolution, but pentax was rated best in f1.2s (test did not include canons L though).
(canons version has higher CA and vignetting at wide open).

Anyway seeing this i guess
500 - 600$ would be reasonable. But then others might not want to pay this much.

o yes, that rokkor 58mm f1.2 has good reputation and at the moment available in second hand, if sony tells pricing of a850, i decide on grabing it.

Pricing of a850 is going to decide if my future is pentax or sony.

Edward Karaa wrote:
I'm not sure how reasonably priced such lens would be

zxaar wrote:

a reasonably priced 50mm f1.2 or faster would do.

Sony does not have this fast prime, while others have.

There is one rokkor f1.2 in 50s i think, but is it usable and in production is not clear to me.

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one among others

willysp Regular Member • Posts: 476
85 or 135 SSM

Current prices without SSM don't do it for me. I'll wait.

cgarrard wrote:

Pick one.


Danel Senior Member • Posts: 2,905
150-500 hsm

Similar to the Sigma except there would be no need for the in lens stabilization (like the Sigma has) since Sony has it in the body. That should mean the lens can be a bit lighter than the Sigma version, and possibly better optically. It might even cost a bit less due to the simpler, no IS, design.

I feel that one of the holes in the Sony lens line up is the lack of any really long lenses.

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Neil V Contributing Member • Posts: 679
A CZ Makro-Planar T* 100mm F2 ZA would make my day! [nt]
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