D300s initial testings = positive

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Re: D300s initial testings = positive

From the Nikon D300s microsite, it does say: "Contrast-detect AF is available," but how it looks, I don't know.

Unleash a whole new dimension of creativity, by expressing your vision in Motion-JPEG format with HD quality (1,280 x 720 pixels) at 24 fps. Nikon’s impressive D-Movie function has undergone various improvements since its launch in 2008, and now comes with an external microphone terminal for clear stereo recordings that add an exciting new element to your movies. Another way to enhance the dramatic impact of your movies, far beyond the reach of ordinary camcorders, is with our unrivaled lineup of NIKKOR lenses — from ultra-wide-angle and fisheye to super-telephoto. The versatile Picture Control adjustment options let you modify the tone and color of your movies with remarkable ease. And Tripod mode gives you control over the depth of field with a selectable aperture of up to f/16.* Contrast-detect AF is available, too. In Handheld mode, the D300S can automatically adjust the aperture setting to match changes in the brightness of your scene. The D300S delivers everything you need to produce and enjoy a new world of advanced image creation, in both movies and still images.

dpjanmi wrote:

Can you use any kind of af-mode when shooting video?
Did you test the video-mode with the af on or off?

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JimPearce Veteran Member • Posts: 9,272
D300 AF acquisition...

is considerably slower than the D2X's...let alone the D3's.

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Re: D300 AF acquisition...

Under certain low light, low contrast situations, the initial AF acquisition can take more than 1 second to lock on.

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Why not full HD 1920x1080p???

HD ready is nice but 1080p is a lot-lot better.

As far as I know the Canon 5DII is full HD???

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Re: Why not full HD 1920x1080p???

rockjano wrote:

HD ready is nice but 1080p is a lot-lot better.

As far as I know the Canon 5DII is full HD???

first, 30 fps is not industry standard. film makers drool over 24fps, because of the look-they don't care for 30 fps.

Secondly, very few computer monitors at this time are capable of handling 1080p, so perhaps N thought it wouldn't be productive (whehehe) making a format few can use at this time. upscaling their video output isn't that difficult on the other hand. And very few people can tell the difference between true 1080p24 and an upscaled version when they're sitting on their couch, at a distance of three times the diagonal size of their screen.

Then again, perhaps N thought that someone wanting to shoot true 1080p will most likely buy a real video camera, not a photo camera with vid as a gadget-an analogy: would you rather use your mobile to take pics or or a real DSLR?

Or Nikon can't do it (but this is imo the most unlikely scenario)

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No my iMac 24" can do 1920x1200...

C'mon almost all 24" monitor can do that and how want a smaller monitor than that.

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Re: D300s initial testings = positive

It would be nice to see if there's a firmware update for the D300 that addresses at least the AF aspect.

I've long had an opportunity to familiarize myself with the D300's AF system and impressed by what it can do. It's 51 point system is amazing for taking portraits, picking out faces clearly. And in other arrays it can be very nice, but I have noticed often that initial delay. At times it would refuse to let me press the shutter as it was "thinking" - should have had it on C. But the delay - in addition to the decimal of a second that it does take to AF when things do get going - is something I didn't experience with the D2 series I've used and something that has caused me to lose shots (sometimes user error, but definitely not always:)

Perhaps with the D300s is due to improved processing power and is something firmware won't fix.

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