Lino Backgrounds??

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Lino Backgrounds??


Im just getting started with this portraiture business but im on a bit of a budget.

So instead of getting a background holder for £100+, ive picked up a 7ft x 6ft heavy duty clothes rail for £33 (highly recommended btw!)

Now comes the issue of backgrounds. Ive looked at plenty of options so far, paper, vinyl, muslin. I dont like material because it creases, I have problems with spending £40-50 on a roll of paper, so the reusable vinyl seems quite appealing.

My question is how does the vinyl compare to paper/material backdrops? Are there problems with its reflectiveness? Id be looking to get a grey one.

Has anybody used vinyl flooring (ie, lino) as a background with any success? Its much cheaper, which is tempting!


Shawry Regular Member • Posts: 181
Re: Lino Backgrounds??

I use both paper and vinyl - white vinyl is great when lighted for the high key style. When not lit for a grey appearance it looks dreadful - too shiny. I use grey paper if I want this. Ive not used grey vinyl but would think it would be a similar problem. The other downside to vinyl is it's so HEAVY!!!!

Lino can give good effects but would advise do with paper - a light grey perhaps to start with.


OP garyb1985 Forum Member • Posts: 67
Re: Lino Backgrounds??

Well then can anyone recommend big paper rolls that are cheaper than the colourama ones?? I only need 2M wide?

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