K7 Full review

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Alan Granger
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K7 Full review
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magomago Regular Member • Posts: 214
Re: K7 Full review

Just through the first page....but a total WTF when i read this:

"Not least because there’s an optional battery grip available – a first for Pentax"


PrimesRUs Regular Member • Posts: 107
Re: K7 Full review

Not sure what this means:

"...the K-7 is built for the studio too. Not least because there’s an optional battery grip available – a first for Pentax – but also due to both x-sync flash controls and a socket for remote use, plus the standard hotshoe."

Marshy27 Senior Member • Posts: 1,181
Re: K7 Full review

Not looking too good so far.


Adam Gulkis New Member • Posts: 6
Re: K7 Full review

I know there's been a great deal of intentional obfuscation from manufacturers of HD video displays, but it still gets my goat every time I see huge public testimonies proudly presenting that ignorance.

Terrible, uninformative, and factually incorrect prose aside, what really kills this review for me is the amateur composition on most of the photos. Any claims of knowledge go right out the window when you show off that kind of rookie mess.

NedB: How about getting a K-7 into the hands of a reputable reviewer? So far the magazine reviews have been a joke.

GossCTP Veteran Member • Posts: 4,769
Didn't even mention

He didn't even mention the magnesium alloy body - something not really expected in that price bracket.

All in all, not much of a review. The author appeared to have a chip on his shoulder for even having to do a review for a Pentax.

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Marshy27 Senior Member • Posts: 1,181
Re: Didn't even mention

mmmmmm...... he does tell us about what actually matters though.

Cant believe that the K-7 side by side to the 2 year old nikon d300 is still about the same. ??

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BrianC Veteran Member • Posts: 4,623
Re: Didn't even mention

He didn't even mention the magnesium alloy body - something not really expected in that price bracket

He did here:

"The K-7’s build quality is a key sell too. Ruggedly made, but following Pentax’s ‘classic’ design, the body is a magnesium alloy that’s dust and weather-sealed at 77 points. Shooting in sand, getting splashed with rain or other treacherous conditions need not be a bother and, despite this upgrade, the whole camera is marginally smaller and lighter than the previous K20D."


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crocau Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: K7 Full review

they got youtube videos with lots of wrong information as well and when i pointed out some of the errors they promptly deleted my comments.

very poor quality review and not worth reading, my dog could write better review shame is that some uninformed people that will look for details about k7 will be fed with this sort of RUBISH

Brian Thomas Contributing Member • Posts: 578
Re: K7 Full review

" What Digital Camera’s world first full review of the Pentax K-7 DSLR gets out the proverbial magnifying glass… (any review of the K-7 prior to June 17th 2009 will have been based on firmware version 0.35, this review is based entirely on firmware version 1.00)."

:::: This suggests not only that the review was done very quickly, but also that it was done with a pre-production camera with updated the firmware.

I don't know what the difference in the camera might be, however, I find it strange that the reviewer doesn't address this issue at the beginning of the review.

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gkreth Veteran Member • Posts: 3,122
I did like the high ISO praise

"the Pentax K-7 retains exceptional image noise through the range. From ISO 100-3200 all shots are usable, with images presenting a more film-like grain than destructive noise."


jotor Senior Member • Posts: 1,719

I wonder if the reviewer understands that you are allowed to turn the camera to vertical for cat and pretty lady pix.


Good eye, needs to work on technique.

gkreth Veteran Member • Posts: 3,122
"consistent underexposure"

"The Pentax K-7 provides rather exceptional image quality in terms of noise, but completely unravels itself with consistent underexposure."


As long as it's consistent, it seems like a littler EV comp wold address the issue.

I think this again is Pentax's more conservative approach to metering, to avoid blown highlights.

it's when the metering is INCONSISTENT that drive me crazy....

Twong Contributing Member • Posts: 849
Re: K7 Full review

I agree but do have a slightly different take on the situation. Selling gears is blasting information to the public and when there is a lot of information floating around, a portion of the public will buy. There are still a large portion of the buying population that don't read reviews carefully or research a lot before making a purchase. How often do you see people with a NK D300 or CN 50D body but with a 18-200 or 18-270 zoom lens? A lot. Why? Name recognition. Do you think CN or NK care? They do but only as far as the number of bodies are sold and that is about it. Pentax fans should feel excited because we will benefit from the increased sale - more lens choices, more accessories, and maybe & just maybe cheaper bodies.

magomago wrote:

Just through the first page....but a total WTF when i read this:

"Not least because there’s an optional battery grip available – a
first for Pentax"


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RBellavance Senior Member • Posts: 1,232
They say they have a "full production" K-7

Brian Thomas wrote:

:::: This suggests not only that the review was done very quickly, but also that it was done with a pre-production camera with updated the firmware.

The sample images are labeled "Pentax K-7 DSLR full production model with firmware 1.00 review sample shots"...

Jay Scott Regular Member • Posts: 164
Re: K7 Full review

Yeah! I was just about to express my irritation at this battery grip inaccuracy. I'll keep reading, but guess I'll find more condescending, patronizing statements.

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MajStriker Contributing Member • Posts: 848
Re: K7 Full review

Apart from the comment regarding the grip inaccuracy I would say it's an outstanding review. What are you complaining about? The reviewer definitely had lots and lots of positive remarks to make about the K7, the few negatives made I would have to agree with (mainly the target price point). If the price was lower by about $150-200 the K7 would just about blow everyone else out of the water. As it is, the K7 is an excellent model that does appear to outperform the competition. However, the competition happens to be Canon and Nikon which have just incredible market saturation. When you want to penetrate deeply into a market as heavily dominated as the DSLR market is, building a better camera is not enough...you have to build a CHEAPER better camera. Toyota didn't become the largest car company in the world by building Lexus...it was their cheaper Toyota brand that got the penetration.

That being said, the K7 looks just simply brilliant. I'm definitely tempted heavily by those ISO results. The 3200 looks very usuable and you've got SR!

Oh yeah, before I forget...Someone complained about the sample pictures...are you kidding me?!!! Take a look at DPReview's sample galleries! This guy did a hell of a lot better than they do! The reviewer had better pictures than a majority of the shots that show up here in the forum even, what are you expecting?

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Frederick Stewart Senior Member • Posts: 1,125
Re: K7 Full review

What Review ? Not knowing basic facts (grip),that's has been touted so much in the past,leaves me wondering if this tester is for real.It's by design why Pentax cameras under exposes,not a fault.I guess blown highlights are a preference for this tester.The reason other sensible testers have noted.

His main gripe with the camera was the under exposure and HD movie mode/live view,not a deal breaker however.

MajStriker Contributing Member • Posts: 848
Re: K7 Full review

Sorry, but forgot to ask, did anyone else think that the small thumbnail of ISO 100 looked WORSE than the ISO 200? It did to me which is pretty unusual...

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Robert Daley Senior Member • Posts: 1,339
Ah! A reversal!

I liked the review --- and will love my k-7! You betcha!

What was really sorta strange about the evaluation category "results" was that its lowest rating was for (can you believe it! a first!)....................VALUE!

Usually VALUE is where Pentax scores really, really big! Gulp! Not in this review.

Note to Pentax:

Please lower your price to $900 for the K-7 body! It'll improve your "value rating" (here and elsewhere) dramatically.

Tongue in cheek........

$1299 is a very fair price for the K-7.

I won't cringe or bat an eye at this price.

Game on!

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Bob :O)


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